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Discussion in 'iPod' started by mikebatho, Mar 14, 2005.

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    I didn't realise this when I bought it.

    No major probs, but can anyone tell me if I can buy a cable or adapter of something so I can charge straight from the mains in the uk?

    I'm not too bothered about a dock, but I'd like to be able to charge when awayfrom home. I know the battery pack would take care of this, but a cably/adapter would be better for me.
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    Presumably you're talking about the iPod mini, right? ;)

    iPods don't include docks any more (you can buy them separately) but you don't need them. I don't have a dock for my iPod 4G. Doesn't it come with a power brick which you can plug your FireWire (or USB2) cable into to charge with? I just plug mine into my PowerBook to charge while it is sleeping but I'll be taking the power brick around the world on my travels with me while my PB stays at home.

    If the iPod mini doesn't include a power brick (which would be rather tight on Apple's part, but I can't be bothered to check the tech specs page) then you must again be able to buy one separately fort his purpose.
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    Nope, the iPods don't come with AC chargers any more.

    You can buy the Apple charger for £19 from the Apple Store.
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    Is the 'power brick' the battery pack that runs on AAs or AAA s?
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    No, it's the charger that plugs into the mains. Here is a picture of the regular iPod charger (presumably iPod mini one would be the same).

    The Firewire cable plugs into the end, and then you plug it into the mains. Of course, iPod mini no longer contains a Firewire cable either (just USB 2) - tsk.. Apple cost cutting again...

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    No then. All you get now is the ipod, usb cable, belt clip & headphones....
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    The new power charger connects to a USB cable rather than a Firewire one so thankfully not requiring yet another cable purchase!
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    So what do I need?

    Can somebody give me a price/product code for an adapter...?
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    Yeah you need this. Get it online or from the Regent St store, or somewhere like everythingiPod.com
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    Is there one of those I can use in the uk?
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    That is the one you use in the UK. It comes in 2 parts - a brick that the USB cable connects to and then an adaptor that fits on at right angles to go into the plug socket. The one in the photo on the Apple website has a US plug but if you buy it here it will have a UK plug. Go into the Apple Store and ask :)
    Just noticed you're in Manchester - not so easy to go to Regent St :). Try here if you want to pick it up in person.
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    Well at least that's good to know!
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    Great, cheers.......
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    I've just looked up the adaptor from the microanvika site, the one for £14.99, and it' sfor firewire. Thi mini I have came only with a USB cable.

    I suppose htis means I have to order a bloody cable as well now??

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    So buy the £20 one from the Apple Store online. Do you have an iTunes account? If so then it will be charged to the same account. Just sign in and use the same password. 2 or 3 days for delivery. Couldn't find a USB charger on looking quickly so that seems the best way. Hope that helps.
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    Buy the one that's linked to above (although the websession makes it tricky) - go to the UK Apple Store online, choose 'Power' from the iPod Accessories and buy the USB Power Adaptor. It's £5 dearer but means you just need the one cable.
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    Cool. We've got a mac centre in Manchester, so I'll just bomb over & get one....
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    DAMMIT, where's the POWER link on the ipod mini part of the apple uk site...?!?!?!?!?!?

    Why is nothing easy!???
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    Got it.

    Now I may rest...... ;)
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