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No internet connection when connecting through VPN

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Richard200sx, May 28, 2012.

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    I was connecting my Apple Tv 3 by wifi to a hotspot created from my iMac's internet sharing. I was sharing from my VPN connection on the iMac to the US so I could watch netflix US content in the UK. This was all working fine but now it seems like it won't work at all. The Apple TV still connects to the iMac and can play all my shared content. However when trying any of the internet services on the Apple TV they all come back saying they are unavailable.

    I have tried to reset settings on Apple TV and Restarts but it still has the same problem. Any advice on how I can get this working again to watch US content from Netflix?


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    Does the VPN works fine with other sites? Do you get the right IP address with it?

    What service do you use?
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    VPN works perfectly on the iMac, connects to an IP on the East Coast of USA as that has the fastest connection about 6-8Mb. The Apple TV gets an IP from the iMac of, router which is the iMac and DNS

    Very frustrating as it was working perfectly now not at all.



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