No longer getting quote notifications?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by jackc, Apr 26, 2012.

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    I was getting them before, but now I'm not. :(
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    Is User CP > Settings & Options > Edit Options > Miscellaneous Options > Quote Notifications > "Yes, I'd like to be notified of new quotes." still checked?
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    It was still checked.
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    Mine is checked too and you quoted me and I didn't get a notification of the notification*.

    * no notification in that notification section (with PMs, friend requests, picture comments and quote notifications) on every site, but an actual notification on the quote notification's page.
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    Try resetting your browser, clearing your cookies and cache. Then log back in and see if quote notifications are still enabled here.
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    I've seen it take anywhere from 10 minutes to 30-60 minutes before the notification will show I've been quoted after a quote has been made.
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    I just got them for this thread, definitely not for others though.

    I'll see if they show up again
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    They seem to appear at random, what gives? First I thought it was time related like mentioned, but I don't know... I had no notifications what so ever when I got here this morning but I had been quoted in several threads last night. Maybe I'm doodeling with my mac in my sleep. Wouldn't surprise me.
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    If you never get quote notifications for any threads, it's worth submitting a Contact form to report the problem so we can check if it's a problem with your MacRumors account. Perhaps your email service was bouncing all messages back to our servers, for example.

    However, if it happens inconsistently (now and then or for one thread but not another) then I don't have a ready explanation, and checking your own settings and subscriptions is the best chance of finding the glitch.

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