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No 'NOTES' folder in ipod??

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mikebatho, Aug 16, 2005.

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    I've downloaded a couple of text documents to go on my ipod.

    In the read me files, they both say to plug in the ipod in, and when it appears on the desktop, open it, and drag the files into the 'NOTES' folder....

    When I open my ipod, there's nothing in there at all.

    I put my music on through itunes, and nothing ever shows up in the actual ipod on the desktop. It just opens as a completely empty drive, the way a blank CD would.

    I've dragged the folders on and they copied over ok, but don't seem to be showing on my pod.

    How do I find the 'NOTES' folder...?

    I'm on Ipod mini, but the files didn't specify one type of pod over another...

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    try to create one and stick your "notes" in it.. should work just fine :)
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    You might have to enable your iPod for disk usage, or something like that. Check in the iTunes preference pane when you have your mini plugged in...
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    Do I spell my NOTES folder with caps? Mixed case...?
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    Yep. That's worked just fine.

    I just needed to create a folder called NOTES in there, and the files are now where they belong. Cheers, fellas....


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