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No option to hide menu bar in Lion....

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by cp12321, Dec 6, 2011.

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    I have searched high and low for third party software that allows you to do this in Mac OSX Lion with seemingly no solution to be found. Therefore, I do not expect this post to make any difference. I just want to vent because I find it inconceivable that Apple could overlook such a (should be) standard OS feature. Such things make me want to just say "screw it" and use Windows 7 as my primary OS on my Macbook Pro.
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    Are you new to OSX? Why would you think that it supposed to be a standard OS feature?

    If you compare it to windows, win 7 doesn't have a menu bar, they have a task bar. Those two things are different.
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    Look for the program called Nocturne. It provides the option to hide the menu bar as well as other options.
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    I wouldn't say that I am new to OSX as I have been using it for months since I bought my Pro. And I had exposure to previous versions of OSX as well but not on a regular basis. I get the differences between the two OS's and overall by far prefer OSX over Windows. However, this is about accommodating those who prefer to max out their screen space. I need my entire screen free from top to bottom. Apple should do something about this.....
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    Is there any software available that lets you add a menubar to it?
    I find it inconceivable that Microsoft could overlook such a (should be) standard OS feature. ;)
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    I have Nocturne 1.0.4 already and it didn't seem to have any options related to the menu bar.
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    It dims the menubar to the point of invisibility, but doesn't reclaim the space.

    OP, download version 2.0 from the developer's website. Search for blacktree.
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    What you do is set it to dim when in active and have the slider all the way to the left. v2.0.0

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    I have downloaded v2.0.0 from several different sites with the same result - first time I try to open it, it does nothing, second time, it turns the night mode on but gives me no application window to change any settings in.
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    OSX Applications that are fully Lion Compatible have a full screen mode, in which the menu bar is auto-hidden, thereby giving you the real estate you require.

    Not a perfect solution but better than nothing !
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    Look in your menubar. Click on the icon for Nocturne and choose preferences...

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