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No spaces in DP2?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by funkyfresh69, Apr 2, 2011.

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    Even though i have enabled spaces, they dont appear when i use Expose.
    I can drag a window sideways until it moves onto an adjacent space but in dp1 i had a mini preview of all spaces at the top of the screen. The mini preview isnt there on DP2

    Anyone else have this issue?
  2. mrapplegate, Apr 2, 2011
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    And you have more than one space enabled in preferences? I noticed in dp2 that there is no longer an indicator in the menubar or a way to get it back.
    A four finger upward gesture still shows it for me.
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    the four fingered gesture or F3 does show all running windows but not the mini preview of each space along the top of the screen - in DP1 i had this and could drag the previews of each app onto whatever space i wanted. thats the bit i'm missing - if that makes sense?!
    This screen grab from the net shows what i used to have..
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    So you are missing the dashboard and the spaces on top?
    I guess it is a bug because it appears in mine just like in dp1

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  5. funkyfresh69, Apr 2, 2011
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    Just sorted it..

    Logged on as a new user with no apps starting automatically..and all is well.

    so removed all my ones and added them in one by one.

    It was dockview causing the issue.

    So now have HyperDock instead which seems to allow both the dock preview and the windows snapping features without problems..



    I spoke to soon..
    It would seem its SecondBar is causing the issue, not DockView..

    Sorry for the confusion..

    Hope that helps some others..

    2nd EDIT

    Nope..still randomly happens even with secondbar disabled..

    Im doing some more tests, but havent been able to reproduce issue consistently.
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    On my machine the culprit is pathfinder.

    I can enable cinch, dockview and secondBar and all are fine.

    As soon as i launch Pathfinder the screen glitches and then immediately i lose the mini desktop previews when i enter Mission control/Exposé..

    If i quit pathfinder, the system returns to normal..
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    Weird. I'm running path finder on DP2 and everything is working just fine.

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    Hmm..which build of PF are you using? I'm on 5.7.2..

    most of the time the sidebar isn't present, so I have to restart PF a few times before randomly it is there...Not that affects the problem im having, mind you..

    EDIT - Just upgraded to lates version 5.7.3

    Sidebar issue seems either fixed or better, but the problem still exists with spaces..
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    Yep, 5.7.3 here. I have that sidebar issue too, pretty annoying but what can you do with a beta OS.

    I haven't experienced the spaces issue at all though. I don't use any of those other apps you mention so it must be a combination of path finder and one of those.
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    In reference to your app Hyperdock does it work with DP2 ?
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    Finally pinpointed the issue..

    If you enable pathfinders desktop (and thus diable Finders desktop) I get the issue.

    As soon as i uncheck that setting and restart PF, the mini previews are back.

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