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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by raettig, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Not sure I want to upgrade my legacy iphone without an app so that I can SSH into remote hosts.
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    I agree. MobileTerminal and the openssh software are THE most useful extra things I have installed on my iPhone. I don't want to upgrade to the 2.0 software unless I can find a way to ssh into remote hosts. I wonder if it'll be possible to jailbreak 2.0 and/or the 3G iPhone
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    Has it occurred to either of you that such an application may be forthcoming?

    And yes, it will probably be possible at some point to jailbreak iPhone OS 2.0 and/or an iPhone 3G...but if you're that concerned, your best bet is to wait until it's been done.
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    Yes, that had occurred. I have a new iPhone on the way which will run the latest firmware, and I will leave my existing iPhone jailbroken so that I'm not without SSH until such time as the App Store carries an SSH client. I'm certain one (or several) are on the way. I'm very mildly surprised that there isn't one there at launch.
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    Theres no way Apple will allow an SSH app to be put on the Appstore....not in a million years!
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    I don't see why not. We're only talking about an SSH client, not an SSH server. It doesn't appear to break any of the terms of service, and there is certainly no technical reason why it can't be done.
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    Why not? You can always put it up as a front end so that there isn't a terminal involved, And besides if they truly want to market the enterprise putting a ssh client application out there will get the IT geeks to bug the companies to allow iPhones.
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    A Terminal/ssh client combo with decent emulation is one of my minimum requirements, that would give me remote access to almost everything I need.

    I'd also love an sshd as it's the only way I know of to fake a sort of tethering to my laptop. That's probably exactly why there won't be one :rolleyes:
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    Again, if the application was an ssh client only like putty... You couldn't tether your phone. to your laptop. You could access your laptop, but not tether it.
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    It'll probably just take a bit more time, I don't think Apple have got everything on the AppStore yet.
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    i dont see any kind of SSH application anywhere in the future, the whole reason that SSh works on JB ipod touches/iphones is because after a JB the file system is no longer locked. Not in 2.0 the filesystem is still locked except to the app store, itunes, ect. So given the Iphone's current setup SSH makes little sense to use.
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    That means a native one wouldn't be supported, but I don't see why a client like PUTTY for Windows wouldn't be allowed.
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    Yeah, you have no idea what the OP is talking about.
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    You're probably right. Next time I have to start services because one of my webservers crashed, I'll drive home from the bar and ssh in from there. Or, if i'm thinking ahead, only out to the car, fire up my notebook and cellmodem card.

    Some of us still use these things for functional reasons, rather than clever hacker reasons.
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    Oh sorry, misread the situation. My bad and im no idiot either, ive been using SSh for quite a while before any iphone or ipod touch
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    I found one Java based SSH client that seems like it could be runnable from an iPhone. I don't know though, I don't have one to test out. I'm thinking of installing it on my server through the webserver and trying it out at some point. It'd be great to have. :D
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    In order to pass US export law requirements, the App Store is very likely requiring ITAR (or some-such) certification for any app containing strong data encryption. That could take some time for any developer not used to the government paperwork. SSH is important enough that I expect some company to pay for any required certification procedures, if necessary. Note that ssh ships with OS X for Apple Macs, so I don't see any big reason why an ssh client (not server) would be a problem on OS X for iDevices.
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    Right. That's why there's two paragraphs in my post -- the first about a client, and the second about an sshd (ssh daemon) which would give a way to fake tethering via port forwarding. Two seperate things :)
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    SSH would be emensly handy.

    Either doing a quick fix via terminal. Or monitoring a system. I wouldn't say it would be great for writing code with for any period of time. But someone says hey it broke, chances are you can come in and fix the problem.

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