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No Video iPod at Zune Launch...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by gkarris, Nov 15, 2006.

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    Shows that Apple doesn't even care...

    Maybe in time for Christmas shopping?
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    I don't know of anybody that is going to buy a Zune...

    Do you?:confused:
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    Im sure a few people will think that its the new name for the iPod...
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    Maybe not the people who frequent this forum. Most people I know have either a Nano or Shuffle. People interested in buying a new one are going for the new Nanos. I have a 60Gig 5G iPod, mostly video on it. Waiting for a widescreen video iPod..
  5. 4np
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    Thinksecret wrote Apple missed a crucial deadline to make the holiday season. However; other sources said it could make it in time for x-mas... we will see :)
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    As long as it's ready in early January when hordes of disappointed people return their zunes Apple will do fine.:D
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    hahaha, good one buddy!
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    Thinksecret, huh? They're useless and washed up. I don't even check that site once a month these days. Besides...

    ... Apple knows what it is doing. And it will do it well...
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    I don't expect a new iPod until MWSF. Of course, it would be great if there was a release, but if something was going to be released this year, I think it would've been at the last show.
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    I think Apple won't update ipod no more this year. it's just ended after shipping 2nd ipod shuffle. it's already enough to sell tons of ipods for this holiday season. Zune? it can't be. just look at the number. '106,000 a day' it's ipod selling everyday. like some of you said, I wait for video ipod now. it will be out macworld expo 2007. that's I believe.


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