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Non-internet functions of external modem for iMac G5 iSight

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by old john, Nov 18, 2005.

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    I am considering buying the iMac G5 iSight, which has no internal dial-up modem, so I need to make a decision whether to order an external one. I have a broadband internet connection, but a previous Mac I had came with excellent fax and telephony functions, including a versatile TAM (telephone answering machine), with calls displayed in a menu with time of arrival, etc.

    Apple’s web page of info about the modem makes it clear that it can support other functions than just dial-up analogue internet connection, mentioning telephony and fax functions:

    However, this only states that it “supports” caller ID etc. To be usable for telephony and fax additional user software is needed, to turn documents into faxes, to read faxes, to dial from an address book, and so on. Yet, apparently there’s no software supplied:

    After searching the website, I spent a long time yesterday on phone calls to parts of Apple UK (and through it to Bangalore, India), but was continually passed on to other people or referred to web pages that were either irrelevant (such as “Chat with a Support Agent” which can’t be used by people making purchase decisions as you need the serial number of the computer you haven’t yet bought! :rolleyes: ) or stopped short of the info I needed.

    Can anyone tell me if full telephony and fax functions are available? If so, where is the software to be found? Presumably it must be either already installed on the iMac iSight or in the box with the modem, despite the website indicating the box only contains the modem and user guide. If full telephony and fax functions are not available, what more limited ones are available, if any?

    Thanks John
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    OS X can fax out of the box. No special software required. However, Apple hasn't included telephony software with Macs since the Performa era.

    MacAddict had a great article on all the different software you can use to make your Mac into a personal telephone assistant in their Nov 2005 issue.
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    Thanks, for your quick reply with info Apple didn't seem able to give me!

    That sounds v useful, but I don't think MacAddict is available here in the UK. I take the UK edition of MacUser, but I've not noticed anything recent on telephony software. Still it shows there's such software around and maybe I can find at least a list elsewhere using Google.
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    The list of MacAddict articles for the current issue, is divided into those on line and those in print. Unfortunately, the article on Mac telephony seems to be in print only and that's not on sale in the UK. For anyone that's interested the article is listed as:

    Pure Mac has a list of relevant applications, but an evaluative review would have been useful! It's not even clear which of them can act as a TAM (telephone answering machine). Any relevant info, please!

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