Noob question: How to get folders

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Maeasar, Oct 3, 2010.

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    How do you get folders so I can put apps in folders because my 9? pages are full

    I know about hack Itouch but I dont want to do that
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    what OS?
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    iOS :rolleyes:

    Hold the desired app until they wiggle. Then drag the app to another app to create a folder. And drag the apps into that folder.
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    I think aggie meant what version of iOS. e.g. 4.1. Not all versions support folders.
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    Oh, thats so coool

    Itouch, 4th gen, 32 gb

    If there is a way to find the version, I dont know it. Ive had it 1 day ;-)

    Thank you
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    Yup, you have the right version.
    To find your version, go into the settings tab, tap on general, and tap on about.
    So did it work?
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    Made one.

    But anyways, you just go into jiggle mode (hold an app down) then just drag that or any app onto another one.
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    Thank you both.

    Being the perfectionist that I am, I want the apps in the right category. I dont know if there is someway of doing that but I remember seeing all the apps listed in my Itunes 'app' library.

    Im just going to use that as a reference

    I see that I spelled my alternate username wrong. It is Maceasar, Maeasar

    I have two other questions.

    1. does each paid app show as a charge on your credit card bill, or are they bundled together?

    2. For the time being, I have mostly free apps because buying Itouch wiped me out. In paid apps, are you allowed to 'save' in games, for example

    I had some other questions that are escaping me. I will have to use the voice recorder to remind myself. ;-) I might as find out questions from the noob. (I dont know if "noob" is a universal term but Ive seen it used in Call Of Duty (Xbox)

    Does anyone have accessories to recommend?

    Im getting a screen protector because I was careful with my Sony Playstation Portable but 2 years year, it got a crack.

    Im currently using the clear plastic case that Itouch came in to protect it while not using it. Ill being buying on Ebay.

    Thanks again,
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    #9 All of the iPod touch features, by apple.

    For free apps I usually just browse around the app store in all the game categories. For a website, no I don't know any but thanks for that link.

    I've only had 1 app billed directly two a credit card, and it had it's name. I always just used the giftcards that I got from people. But I think in iTunes, it shows past purchases and it'll be in this format "app 1, app2, app3..." so maybe it would just list them all and have the total. I'm not sure though...

    About the saves, it depends on the game. I have to say almost all the games save progress. I don't know why they wouldn't. Unless it was a perk of upgrading from a lite/free version.


    Case - Hard, silicone, whatever. I like the feel of having a silicone case and that's what I've always had on my iPods.

    Screen Protector - I had one on my previous Touch but not as of yet on my 4G. Just from what I got from what you said, you got a screen protector to stop cracks? I don't think it will as it's just a thin film to help prevent scratches...if you drop it and it lands wrong the glass will break almost just as easy.

    Wall Charger - That's up to you, $30 is a lot for the Apple one BTW but it comes in handy if you can't get to a USB port or you don't want to have to be near a USB port. I'm using my phone charger that allows for any usb to be plugged into it. But you don't need one really. I use my PS3, xbox 360, laptop, desktop, phone charger, or TV if they have a USB port. iPod Touch accessories on apple.
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    Thank you for your input

    There must be an app that will arrange apps into various folders. Im doing it manually and I have spent 20 minutes working on my 194 apps.

    THere is a genre option which helps in organising which apps belong together
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    If you want, you could pm one of the moderators and they could maybe fix up the typo in your username for you.
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    Yeah, it tries to determine whats for like music, action games, etc. My like 150 apps are in ABC order. The first page is games in ABC folders followed by productivity, messengers, etc apps. Page one of apps is one folder with Safari, Mail, Facebook, and a bunch of other things I use daily. Then the dock is music, camera, app store, and settings. Just a little input. And yeah it took me forever to organize them. In iTunes you can rearrange them and you can select more than one app at a time to move.
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    Its o.k. Ill just sign up again
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    It was 8:25 p.m. when Tablo13 replied about apps and folders.
    The time now is 12:15 a.m.

    I spent organizing my Itouch that has 194 apps on it.
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    Lol... the days i had only 194 apps.... I currently have 346 apps on my device. What, over 6 GB of apps..... Less than 10 of them I bought. BTW, every few days iTunes emails you a receipt. All charges on each receipt show up as a charge on your bill. Tax is charged BTW. I have 520+ apps in my iTunes though. So I've got a LOT of apps :D
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    ah damn! 520 is too much :rolleyes:
    i've had my touch since last thursday and just have 46 apps :D

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