NSOpenGLView displays all white inside view

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by bahlquist, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I have managed to get an NSOpenGLView subclass to work and have played around with it a bit. When I try to do the same in a new project, it doesn't work. Here is what I have done. I have a subclass of NSOpenGLView called BACubes. In interface builder, I drag an NSOpenGLView object from the palette into my window. I set its class to BACubes. Here is the code for BACubes:


    #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

    @interface BACubes NSOpenGLView {}

    #import "BACubes.h"
    #include <OpenGL/gl.h>
    @implementation BACubes
    I expect to see a black view screen. The console shows that drawRect has been called. Can you tell me what's wrong?
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    See if you get an error after glClear
    You should probably set the 0's to 0.0's or 0.0f's
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    Thanks for your reply. This is not the problem. Whole numbers as arguments seem to be ok in general (I would be curious if it ever resulted in a problem).
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    Try adding this:

    -(id) initWithFrame: (NSRect) frameRect
            NSOpenGLPixelFormatAttribute attribs[] =
    		kCGLPFAColorSize, 24,
    		kCGLPFADepthSize, 16,
    	NSOpenGLPixelFormat * pf = [[NSOpenGLPixelFormat alloc] initWithAttributes:attribs];
    	self = [super initWithFrame: frameRect pixelFormat: pf];
        return self;
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    I didn't expect it to be the problem. But if you know the type of the argument, you should type in the right type. It's just my defensive programmer sense.
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    I added this to my implementation, but it never gets called (I noticed this with my other projects and so I omitted any "init" method.)

    Isn't it true that Interface Builder takes care of the initialization (as far as "double buffer" and such goes)?
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    I implemented initWithCoder instead of initWithFrame. The method is called, but I still get only a white rectangle.
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    Try adding [[self openGLContext] flushBuffer]; at the end of -drawRect

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