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Nutritional Supplement App?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Punkwaffle, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Does anyone know of an app that would:

    -let you select a supplement and dosage
    -create a list of all the supplements you have
    -generate a schedule to take them based on what works most effectively together, what to avoid taking with other supplements, and what would help you meet your health goals?
    -most importantly, the regimen that is generated is not only optimized for the above criteria, but also recommends times and foods to take (or avoid) with it that prevents you from just peeing out the good stuff.

    by supplements, i don't necessarily mean muscle building stuff- i'm talking vitamin D, 5-htp, milk thistle, reversatrol, etc.
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    Wow, I'd love one if this App exists. I wish someone could make this.
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    bump, someone smarter than me. please get on it!
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    We're working on this at LabDoor! Our beta applications are available on https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/labdoor-product-safety-grades/id575723560?mt=8 and https://labdoor.com/.

    The apps are still very new, so try them out and let us know what you think! For now, I've gone through your requests and tried to match them with existing LabDoor features.

    Your requests vs. (LabDoor's capabilities):
    1. Select Supplement + Dosage (Over 100 supplements listed. Dosages coming soon*)
    2. Create a list of supplements you take (Available now. It's called the LabDoor Cabinet.)
    3. Schedule supplement consumption (Coming soon).
    4. Optimize your regimen (Data on product quality and safety available now. Recommendation engine, comparison tool, interaction checker, etc. coming soon.)

    *We have to be careful with dosages. The FDA and Apple are both starting to review applications that include medication dosages. Supplements may be a gray area here.
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    I really need an app like the op requested. Subscribing and hope its soon!!
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    Just an FYI for anyone needing an app for med schedule I finally found one that so far is working really well for me. It's Dosecast. Hope this helps someone.

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