nVidia mocks Intel

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by MorphingDragon, Nov 7, 2009.

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    Nvidia has launched a parody on Intel, it's a site with some funny cartoons that mock Intel.

    You can go straight to the cartoon website here.

    Oh and anybody looking for proof, look at the image urls.

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    What's with the CEO bigging Apple up also? Is this sucking up to Apple, or presumably the CEO already knows the level of partnership for the next wave of Apple products (e.g. update of the 9400 and 9600 chips in the MacBook/mini/iMac lineup)
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    If I were nVidia, after their recent track record I don't think I would be mocking anybody.
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    The final straw would be mocking AMD/ATi. But they seem to be taking AMDs side in most things.
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    This great pictures, thank you for sharing them. I will return to post the picture on this forum and you'll find them great.

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