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    PC World has posted and interesting article detailing the graphics card throw-down between nVIDIA and ATI. It seems ATI's Radeon II (expected in September) could dethrone the nVIDIA GeForce 3 as the king of cards. But to what degree will graphics API's take advantage of each card's features? One might expect this to be a primarily PC-oriented issue, but with the innovation we're seeing coming from the OmniGroup (custom OpenGL extensions written to take advantage of key GeForce 3 features in their upcoming port of Giants: Citizen Kabudo), we can happily count ourselves into the equation.
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    I'll guess will have to wait

    Too bad.
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    Worth noting that indeed, ATI drivers are more stable and mature than nVIDIA's.

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    ATI's drivers better than nVidia's? LOL. Mature, maybe, better? no. Nvidia always has had excellant driver support for their products. ATI has always had wishy washy support at their best.
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    Also, lets hope the Radeon 2 is better considering it is coming out 6 months later, if ATI can keep their release date.
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    The cool thing is that there will probably be a Mac version of this card and we will be able to partake of the competition. :) Looking forward to it. It's certainly nice to have the best 3D board makers committed to the Mac, a situation that has not always existed, not by a long shot.
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    One thing to consider though is that nVidia seems to be more willing to work with Apple. At least from what I've read they were more willing to support the Macintosh drivers than was ATI. This was part of the reason for Apple choosing nVidia. There is always something better in the future... it's the nature of technology.
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    I expect the Radeon2 to be released at Macworld paris in September
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    Okay, Ati but will apple switch back?

    Apple never really said much about Ati and they weren't very happy with Ati and Nivida seem's more mac related and has pressured companies to take note that their product is, well, better. And companies have taken notice.
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    ATI mobile cards are excellent, they don't heat up or consume as much battery life. They are in a good position to make money if the trend is towards mobility.
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    huh. nVidia is hardly better than ATI in this respect. Both are pretty lamentable. Like the gf3 turned up on time.....hmmmm.....
    whats REALLY sad is the voodoo 3 had better and more frequently updated BETA drivers than both ATi and nVidias OFFICIAL drivers. nVidias drivers are hardly excellent. :mad: and ONLY a gf2 mx or an expensive under utilised gf3?? seems like nVidia have realised us mac users are richer than our pc brethren and will buy hardware for a hugely over inflated price for no good reason....

    All choice is good. more choice is better. I'd like to see a kyro ][ based board for teh mac.
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    well said

    Well said from "Pants". Unlike our PC brethren, we mac users will buy a worse product for a higher price. I mean, do you people know that PC users look at me in bafflement (not awe) thinking how stupid I am paying upto 6 thous for a mac machine when I could get 3 top top top of the line PCs for that much. But what steve jobs has achieved is Mac user loyalty. I FOR ONE AM NEVER EVER EVAH gonna switch to the yellow and gray sick pc. By the ways, Windows XP is slower than ME which was slower than Windows 98 which was slower than windows 95.

    - Kela Kola

    p.s WHAT IS UP WITH Bill Gates and makin the pc finder gray?
    what is up with having unnecessary pixelized icons and sickening looking appearance. Mac OS X is an asthetic futuristic beauty.
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    Nivida cards are still better

    Till' Ati come out with their card Nivida will still be better.
    There is Steve in all of us, Mostly me!!!

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    OH MY GOD!!

    MrMacman, yes our very own MrMacman of this forum is..........Steve Jobs himself. I kid you not. PLease observe his pattern of comments and you will see.

    - A paranoid Kela
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    Now I need a New sn.... I shoot.... Maybe I'mnotSteve ?
    No, I'm not Steve really. You can think that I am and send me Apple mail. You can I will pass on the information to apple.
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    AGP x2?

    I sure hope these news card support AGP x2, and not just x4. My Sawtooth is craving a better card than the Rage 128 AGP I got with it, but the only other AGP card that supports x2 and is available for Mac seems to be the Radeon. Which is cool and all, but a Radeon II would be even slicker!
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    I've got a question

    IS there any thing that I can put in the 233 imac's mezzanine Slot? It was supposto be a expansion port. Can I put a Video card or anything. I need to squeze all remaining power out of my imac!
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    yes there is or was i think

    There is a card that will work in the mezzinine slot. the only problem is that i dont remember what the heck the card was called. i think it may have been a voodoo but im not sure. if apple's TIL was still up you chould have looked there but maybe there would be something on xlr8yourmac

    getting back to the topic at hand. I was at macworld NY and i have to say that nVidia's gf3 was sswwweeeeetttt. they had it connected to a g4 that ran various programs that would show off its abilities. and show off it did! right next to it was an identical machine running a gf2 and it wasnt nearly as smooth as the gf3 much less the radeon that wasnt too far away from it. If it was my money i would put it on nVidia.
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    AGP 2X

    You guys must understand that it is possible to buy a PC GeForce 3, pop it into a PC and flash it. I have a 500Mhz Sawtooth and I just purchased a PNY video card from the local CompUSA and poped it in a friends machine, used a flash utility and a Mac GeForce3 Bios and it worked perfect! Email me if you need more information.

    Email is now posted in my profile.

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    Ur e-mail Would be helpful. It is unavaiable... Please post ur e-mail.
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    AGP 2x vs 4x

    I have a Sawtooth with an ATI Rage 128 Pro 16MB card. That's 2X AGP. Is my video bus fast enough for it to even make a difference if I get a faster card? Do cards designed for 4x work in 2x slots?


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