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odd gBand/ logic troubleshoot question

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by quigleybc, Aug 4, 2005.

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    Hey there,

    So I use Logic 7.1 and garageband a lot. The other day i downloaded the new garageband update, 2.0.2 or whatever.

    After doing so, all my garageband songs that I saved lost there garageband icon look and turned white. When I click on the new white file, it opens the saved song in Logic.... :confused:

    I can open garageband by just clicking on the garageband icon and then opening one of the new white song files and the song opens the way it should. So it's not a disaster or anything...

    but what happened?

    I tried repairing permissions, and i guess the only other step is to uninstall garageband and reinstall from my iLife cd. But what the heck....It doesn't seem like other folks had this issue, so what gives?
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    It's probably just a file type issue, try selecting a BG file (white one) and hitting "Apple+i" to bring up the info box, then change the "Open with..." dialog back to Garageband.

    If this works you can grab another one and use the "Change all" button to change the GB files back to the correct filetype. You should get the icon back and it should auto-launch into garageband.
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    hey thanks for the reply, I'll try that when I get home later, hope it works! :)
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    Thanks a lot WinterMute, your suggestion worked flawlessly and I learned something new :)

    I really appreciate the tip! :D
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    You're welcome, glad to be able to help.

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