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'Official' Second Generation iPod Shuffle Thread

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mynameismatt89, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Well, i just woke up and recieved an email saying my shuffle has been shipped via federal express!! So i thought id make a thread where everyone can post when they get theres, then what they like best about it, post some pictures, or just discuss anything about them.

    I cannot wait for mine to arrive:D!!!

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    Count me in to be a member for this thread! I love the new shuffle! :)
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    Well, at 11:15 this morning it 'left its origin' (China) and is making its way over to me :). I should be expecting it towards the end of THIS week :D
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    ive been checking the status on mine, it says left origin at 11:15 in china and it should be delivered on nov 1. pretty cool it can move that fast
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    joshwest.. did you do the standard shipping (no extra fees) or did you pay more for it to arrive earlier?
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    Well, the reason i asked about the shipping method is because i wasnt sure when mine was arriving because i did the standard no charge shipping... but i just went and looked right now and mine is due for Nov. 1 at 6:00pm :D
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    i had standard shipping i ordered mine on sept 30th
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    feeling somewhat cheated....

    Just got shipping confirmation from Apple (10pm EST Oct. 30). For the extra $10 (two day shipping) I have paid my expected delivery date is now Nov. 6. A solid week to wait for my new shuffle to travel from China(!). Why would they sell me 2 day shipping for something coming from China? I am annoyed.
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    Tell ya what - if my local AppleCentre has these (and it's not unknown for them to get stuff before even the US does) I'm going to get one today and try and post the first pics.

    Doubt it though, reports are we're getting 6 million of them on the 11th - that's one for every 3.5 people in the country.
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    Same deal here except that they're not offering any expected delivery date. FedEx tells me that it was picked up in Suzhou, China yesterday, but that's all the info they provide. Ah well, at least I know it's en route.

    And not that this will provide all that much solace, but we'd likely be waiting even longer if we hadn't paid the extra $10.
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    well, extra payment for faster shipping makes no sense. why? since all new products are shipped from China, for international shipment, it has only one option. (1-2 days shipping). therefore, standard you chose for order won't be applied for this. if you ordered with expedited, you should ask Apple to get refund. trust me.
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    oh wow, mine's in mississauga right now as of 6:53a.m. TODAY.... maybe i will get it today??? And maybe i'll be the first one to get one??? :p
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    mines in indianapolis today will be here tom
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    Ok. Now Fedex says my expected delivery is Nov. 2. Things are improving:) .
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    Ordered mine! Can't wait.:cool:
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    If anyone here paid extra for shipping, you got ripped off. They can't ship Fedex GROUND from China, it's the same service for everyone.
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    ahhhh, im so angry... my mom was out walking the dogs and saw the fedex truck drive by so she tried to run home to catch him haha. BUT i called the 1 800 number and i guess the girl is going to radio the guy to bring it back between 12 and 5 or i might even have to wait till tomorrow!! ahhh this sucks
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    YES, its here!! but i dont even have time to open it, let alone make this post because ive got to go into work for a couple hours and im going to be late!! Woo, im very excited

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