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Official Smash Bros. Brawl Thread [SPOILERS!]

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by michaelltd, May 22, 2007.

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    If you wish to not know anything more about Smash Bros. Brawl before its release, then DO NOT READ THIS THREAD.

    You have been warned.

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    This is going to be the ultimate. I'm really glad they realised how friggin important, and incidentally brilliant the soundtrack was to Melee. KOJI KONDO is actually working on this... sheeez! The musician from NiGHTS? Predicting the guy from NiGHTS to be in Brawl. Actraiser/Streets of Rage musician too?! Hmmm!
    Christ put the menu music on! :eek: *MELTS*

    Battlefield sounds like a really good, generic level. Cycling through the times like that. Mine and Caroline's fave level in Melee is Final Destination for it's utter simplicity, they better put that back in!

    All in all. Wow. This is going to be an incredible game.
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    Cool, cant wait untill its out.
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    Sky Blue

    Please don't put Sonic in this game.
    Please don't put Sonic in this game.
    Please don't put Sonic in this game.
    Please don't put Sonic in this game.
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    I really enjoy the Super Smash Bros music and it's beyond the scope of most games but I'd appreciate some solid information regarding actual gameplay!

    Oh yes, I'd prefer that too. Mario Vs Sonic at the Olympics is enough.
    ...I'd rather see Knuckles in it, anyway.
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    Yeah, the site is unfortunately light on information....but I cannot wait for this game.
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    Sky Blue

    Please don't put Sonic or any of his ****** friends in this game.
    Please don't put Sonic or any of his ****** friends in this game.
    Please don't put Sonic or any of his ****** friends in this game.
    Please don't put Sonic or any of his ****** friends in this game.
    Please don't put Sonic or any of his ****** friends in this game.
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    As much as I love classic Sonic (on par with classic Mario IMO), he shouldn't be in this game. No no no.

    I think using 36 musicians could be a hint that they're really going to town on this game. I'm automatically expecting many more characters and maps than Melee. Using musicians from other non-Nintendo games also sounds like we'll be seeing more than 3 non-Nintendo characters. Or so it feels. God I hope I'm feeling right.

    I'm still hoping for an abundance of characters, similar ones with tweaks again. Have Suitless Samus, Samus, Fusion Suit Samus, that white armour Samus. Each one with different stats.
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    Why doesn't anyone want sonic? I don't care much for him either, but he's a big mascot, which mean more people will play if he's in. I just hope the balance is as good as Melee.
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    I'm quite interested actually; they say there will be DAILY weekday updates, so we might get more info.

    The soundtrack info is quite telling; between Yoko Shimomura from Kingdom Hearts, and Nobou Uematsu from Final Fantasy making a track...

    Then there are several composers from Capcom/Clover, and Sega (NiGHTS, specifically).

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts character appear; or a Capcom character (Megaman?) or Sega (Sonic? Nights?).

    EVERYONE wants Sonic. In Japan they polled to see what third party character people most wanted, Sonic topped the list.
    I'd bet money that Sonic's in it. I'm not 100% sure, but there's enough hints floating around to imply it. Composers from Sega plus the poll results and the fact that Mario and Sonic are co-starring in games?

    Sonic would be freaking awesome in Smash Bros. He'd be like Fox on steroids; ridiculously fast. Knuckles would also be good for a brawler.
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    This game will be so huge if it gets that many classic game characters. Fanboys everywhere will pick up the Wii. I just hope they pull it off nicely.
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    They're only useful for filler. If there are going to be 30+ unique characters, I don't want the clones.

    You can have Fusion suit, white armor, Chozo armor, and phazon armor be different colors. In fact, I would MUCH rather different looks be available instead of different colors (for example, in Melee, where Kirby is available in different colors, Pikachu is available wearing various accessories). I'd love to see different outfits for different characters.
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    Light Suit Samus with the Annihilator Beam...
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    I think if that was true, it would be like a transformation you could do in mid battle, like Samus and Shek. (sp?)
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    Nah; the suits would have no different combat value, just be different looks.

    After all; the standard suit is red, the Fusion suit is blue, the white armor is obviously white, and the phazon armor is black. So instead of having red, blue, white, and black samuses, have these four different armors available for the colors instead.
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    You know what I'm really looking forward to? Cool easter Eggs, I hope they fill this game up with butt loads of it. There were cool ones in Melee. The updates aren't all that exciting. I don't want to know "how to play".
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    Yea some posts seem to be filler. But of course when you consider how many weekdays there are left until a potential launch - you'd end up giving everything away :p

    Groudon :D Which probably means Kyogre will be there. Rayquaza would make my life :eek:
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    We are literally spoilt for choice :D Cube, CC, Nunchuck, Sideways Remote. Smash Bros Brawl is compatible with them all. Which is cool as.
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    This is brilliant. I am so glad you can use the Classic controller.
    My Wavebird's analogue stick is worn. :(

    I wonder how they'll compensate for the lack of an analogue stick on the remote-only control scheme.
    Maybe shake to Smash?

    Also, did anyone think that the Melee stages were smaller than the original? Things like the Starfox ship felt much smaller compared to playing the classic stages.
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    While I was reading through this list, for whatever reason, the first thing that popped into my head was:

    birthday-suit samus
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    Yes. Birthday suit! That's hawt! :D

    And I'm surprised the Wiimote is compatible. I'll be using the Gamecube controller. ;)
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    I definitely want to see what the control layout/scheme will be for each kind of controller. The Remote on the side probably needs gestures.
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    Can someone explain these games to me? I haven't played the Cube version yet. The screen shots don't reveal much to me. Maybe I should search YouTube videos or something...

    With my experience so far if I pick this one up I'll NOT be using the Wiimote and anything else unless they've made a way for the sensors to actually read what I'm doing.

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    I've got 3 wavebirds, I knew that it was goin to use the GC controller, so it was a good investment. I need to get one more wavebird when this comes out for somplete wireless-ness!

    I don't think the stages got smaller, the fox stage might have gotten smaller (I don't remember), but considering the hyrule stage and Final, Melee stages are much bigger.

    It's 2-d fighting game 2-4 players at a time. Damage is measured by "percentage", higher the pecentage, the farther you fly when you get hit. The more damage you rack up it's easier for your opponent to kill you and vice versa. The way you die is by getting knocked out of the stage. There are many tactics with staying alive by returning to the fighting stage.

    Just check out some videos on youtube and you'll get the picture.
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    ^ Bang on.

    It's a really mad super fast game, yet it has really deep gameplay elements that aren't obvious at first. The players are extremely varied from the mighty fast and nimble Pichu to the slow but behemoth Ganondorf or Giga Bowser. It's really dynamic, full of unlockables and a joy to play in both single and multiplayer - which is quite rare these days.

    I'm hoping they don't drag Smash Bros on too long. It's an awesome series but fighter series have a habit of growing stale.

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