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old iPod, new computer

Discussion in 'iPod' started by kindofblue, Feb 24, 2005.

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    i'm having problems with transferring songs from my old iPod to a new computer. My old computer broke down, unfortunately so I bought a new one. I connected my iPod to my new computer but it asked me if I wanted to delete all of these songs in it. i said no and i need them on the computer for back up. I have no other backups and I dont want to lose all of my music. Please help me!
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    Yeah, you can try the solutions in that thread, or just copy your old music folder to your iPod and transfer it to your new Mac.
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    Yeah, you can also try reading the original post.

    "My old computer broke down... I have no other backups"
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    Gee, this question has only been asked about 867 times. Doesn't anyone do an online search?
    versiontracker.com is a great place to find programs that will do what you are looking to accomplish.
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