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Old mac-new tricks

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by macEfan, Sep 15, 2005.

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    Is there a way to turn an old OS 9 based mac into a server?
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    http://www.linux.org/ ;)

    I seem to have seen an apache build for OS9 floating around, damned if I can find it though.
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    Can I use it to share files, games, fpt etc? Can i use is as a print server for my old apple laser printer?
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    All of the above, assuming that the laser printer is a sharable printer.

    a) Small workgroup file sharing. Turn file sharing on, share out your entire hard drive to selected users, whom you enter in the Users and Groups Control Panel. Not robust but functional.


    b) Shell out for AppleShare IP, the official fileserver package for OS 9 boxes.

    Games: Do a Get Info on your hard drive, go to the sharing tab, and indicate that you'd like to enable remote users to run programs from this volume.

    Don't expect anything robust.

    FTP: Download freeware MacSSH PPC or the older freeware NCSA Telnet. Prowl the menus, especially the Edit menu submenus. In each of them is the ability to set up FTP sharing. Not half bad, especially for the price.

    Print Server: Go to the Chooser. Select the Laser Printer in question. If sharing is available you'll see a "Share this printer" checkbox or something of the sort.
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    is the Laserwriter 300 personal shareable?

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