One "In-Stock" Thread to Rule Them All

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by screensaver400, Sep 13, 2007.

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    So we have confirmed that Troy, Michigan has the iPod touch in stock. I just purchased my 16GB iPod touch from the Victoria Gardens store in Rancho Cucamonga.

    As you find an Apple Store with them in stock, post here.
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    I posted in the earlier thread with pictures that the Woodfield store in Chicago has them. 16GB only though.
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    Called the one in Shadyside, PA, but they're still saying "Shipping the 28th". :(
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    Madison, WI no

    Grand Rapids, MI yes
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    That store is haunting me damnit, payday tomorrow yikes :eek:
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    Valley Fair San Jose, CA has 16GBs only. I don't have my Debit card from my new bank yet though. Damnit.
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    Oh, I am pissed btw, I was hoping they'd get them later :(
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    I called Columbus, Ohio, but was not able to talk to anyone. The recording just gave me a bunch of numbers to push and none of them applied....did anyone else get this? Or am I just not pushing the right number...?
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    Hit 5 when the recording starts.
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    Short Hills, New Jersey: In the coming weeks
    Menlo Park, New Jersey: A few 16gb in stock
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    I got mine at the Pleasanton store, they had 7 when I got there (all 16s)
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    I called the Apple Store in Omaha, Nebraska. They do not have any yet.
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    Anyone know anything about any of the five apple stores in the DC area?

    Edit: For anyone interested, the Tysons Corner store does not have any in stock.
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    Called the two stores near Seattle(Bellevue and U-Village) and both "proclaimed" that they won't likely be in store until the 28th. Heck, I am gonna call them tomorrow again.:p
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    29th St. in Boulder, CO - "End of the month."
    Flat-Iron Crossing near Boulder, CO - "A few days after the 20th."
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    I want to know of anyone who bought one in Australia :p I am going to do the ring around shortly and will post my results. The closest I got was Myers saying 'a few days' everyone else was end of September or October
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    As of Thursday evening, the Apple store at Sherway Gardens, Toronto does not have them in.

    The chick who answered the phone sounded highly annoyed and told me to "go to" then she added "it says September 28th".

    I didn't bother to tell her it's popping up all over the place today. I'll call & stop by tomorrow when I'm in town.
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    Did you check Clarendon by chance?
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    Roosevelt Field Mall Store in Long Island has a good number of 16GB ones in stock.
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    Cambridge, Massachusetts @ Cambridgeside Galleria has iPod Touch's. Gonna go there tomorrow and check them out.
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    As someone else reported, I was at the Menlo Park Mall store (NJ) @ 8pm & they had only the 16gb models. They werent even on display yet.
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    I didn't, and it is now closed :(

    Oh well, I'll go to dinner at Tysons tomorrow and pick one up if they get them then :p

    Also, I am going to call Tysons and Clarendon tomorrow after school, if no one has posted here, so I will have an update on the status of them tomorrow for you guys :)
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    South Hills Village has some!! As of 7:00pm today, they only had 2 sitting behind the counter...not sure if they have more in the back or not. Good luck!!
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    Pentagon City had them.

    Clarendon did not. When I called beforehand, the salesperson said they would come September 28.
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    Montgomery Mall in Bethesda has them.

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