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Open Superdrive without Eject Key.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by BrianKonarsMac, Jun 12, 2004.

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    How do I open the Superdrive on a Quicksilver G4 without an Apple Keyboard and it's eject key? I gave my parents my tower, but they insisted on keeping their keyboard, mouse, and monitor from their previous Gateway. The volume keys work just as they should, but the keyboard has no eject shortcut, what can i do? I'd assume they must have some type of hot key? This is quite embarassing as it is leading my parents to believe Apple has some of the worst designs ever, and I've always championed their cause (but am rethinking my zealot like arrogance). Nothing will make me switch to Windows, but please restore my confidence.
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    Go to Your HD/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/Eject.menu. That will put a menu extra on the right side of your "white menu" where you can eject your SuperDrive. You may find the other menu extras to be of use too.
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    I think also on most keyboards, F12 will eject the drive, but im not certain.
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    I've had to do this twice on my Powerbook. That was rebooting and holding down the mouse button as it boots, then it spits out the CD.
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    ok, so i got curious and strted opening those .menu things...now how do i close them? :)
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    Hold down the command key and drag them off the menu bar.
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    holy cow..thanks! I had about 6 of them up there...haha...what a fool i can be
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    why is it apple's fault that your mom and dad won't give up their gateway equipment? why would they assume there would be a 1:1 matchup between apple and gateway? just curious. :confused:
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    Get a griffin PowerMate, programmable, so probably you can add any command allso open/close to one ot the functions ;-) (not sure just guessing...)
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    it's apple's fault for not including a method of opening the Superdrive without an Apple keyboard...it's not a Gateway keyboard anyways, it's a Microsoft keyboard, and work's perfectly fine with the G4 (volume keys work, hot keys work) but there is no eject key. They didn't assume anything, I did, because I've never had an issue using any third party peripherals before, and OS X includes drivers for practically any device. a 1:1 matchup between apple and gateway? wtf are you talking about? a CRT monitor, a Logitech Optical Mouse (with more than one button), and an ergonomic keyboard designed by Microsoft and branded by Gateway do not make a Gateway machine.

    to wrap up, there is no problem using third party peripherals, but the lack of insight into the G4's design for the Superdrive is absolutely pathetic.
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    good point, i have mine so that a long click will eject.

    also, people are over looking one of the more obvious methods - drag the cd icon towards the trash which will turn to an eject symbol as soon as you move it. just release over the logo and bingo!
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    I'm having a really hard time buying this argument. It's not unreasonable for Apple to assume you're using an Apple keyboard. Besides, there are probably a dozen ways to eject a CD that don't involve the eject key on the keyboard anyway. How about right clicking (if you're using a Microsoft keyboard I'm sure you are also able to right click) on the CD icon and selecting 'eject'? There's also the programs that use the drive--they have eject buttons. I'm sure you could assign a keyboard shortcut to do it as well.
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    i think you people are all ***** but thats another story. how am i supposed to get a CD/DVD into the Superdrive if i can't even open it!? i know you can drag it to the trash im not retarded. I could also rip the face plate off my Quicksilver if I really have to, maybe it's not UNREASONABLE for Apple to think I'm using their keyboard, but it's monopolistic practice to make the Superdrive only function with their keyboard. You people are such blind mac zealots it's ridiculous.
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    right, sorry i didnt read the question but no need to get arsy, you can sod off now! :)
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    your arrogance amazes me. you say it's not unreasonable for apple to assume i'm using their input devices, yet you tell me to right click!? fortunately, if you bothered to read my post, you'd know i threw my apple mouse in the trash long ago for something with more than one button.

    now if anyone knows how to open the superdrive so I can actually PUT a CD/DVD in there to eject, that'd be excellent. until then, i know perfectly well how to eject a CD/DVD once it's actully INSIDE of the superdrive.
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    if people didn't whine to me about stuff that i'm not even asking for help with, i'd have nothing to complain about. some of the people on here are so blinded by there loyalty to mac that they'll defend any flaws to the bitter end. this is a design flaw. it's apples fault. admit it to yourself.

    if you can't tell by now i want to smash my Quicksilver with a sledge hammer then pour lighter fluid all over it and set it ablaze. Maybe then the Superdrive will open?
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    its an easy thing to do, i have done many exams where i have misread the question, now if you had posted the question "how do i OPEN the cd drive in my g4 as i dont have an apple keyboard" i think you may have got the answer you would have wanted. if you want a simple answer post a simple question.
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    perhaps you should try READING the question before postin an answer? If you did, you'd notice that i said EXACTLY what you wrote. You have only proven your stupidity to me.

    the very first sentence of the opening to this topic...this is so pathetic it's funny.
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    Ever thought of taking anger management classes? Maybe being polite to people will get you the answer you want?
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    ever thought of doing something useful with your time? apparently nobody is capable of even reading my question, just joining in on a pointless argument because they have nothing better to do.
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    note to self: dont try to help people in future. admittedly i didnt answer what you asked as i didnt read the question properly but no need to act like a compeate t****r.

    work out the problem yourself you appear to be so intelligent so it shouldnt be a problem
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    oh and by the way you are being the pathetic one by getting so worked up, you only neeed to point out that we were giving you pointless information. insted you go into a grade a strop. i do think anger management classes are in order, hell what are you like behind the wheel of a car if someone indicates the wrong way???
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    Did you read the first answer to the thread?
    It's the answer you want-you can open the optical drive without the key on the keyboard. Now who doesn't read threads properly?
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    Or another option (as posted by a previous poster) is hold the F12 key (ie. the Apple Eject Key)
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