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Opening Massive synth in Logic Pro?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by davester5339, Jul 24, 2012.

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    I created a synth in massive, and when going in to logic i was unable to open it. I know that you are supposed to go to below I/O on the left, but when i went to AU instruments nothing about massive showed up. Any ideas on a solution?

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    Hi Dave!

    Have you tried to re-check the au ports again? You might have to validate the au plugins again which normally happens while starting logic...Hope you get what I mean;)!

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    I actually just upgraded from snow leopard to mountain lion and now they're showing up, so it must have just been a glitch. I have another problem I have now encountered...in massive when I go to LFO --> Performer and then press load curve, none of the curves show up, its just blank in the squares. any thoughts?
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    never change a running system;).

    Have you asked the developer about compatibility concerning Mountain Lion? It sometimes needs some updates until softwares work together properly...Maybe you have to be patient for a while.

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