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opening two different PDF pages?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by butters149, Jul 27, 2010.

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    I was wondering if there was an PDF reader that would let you scroll different pages of a PDF file. For example, I have a math book and I am currently working on some problems on page 8, however the answers are on page 12, I would like to have page 8 and 12 open at the same time in landscape mode.

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    Just make a copy of the PDF file, and open them both up.

    Also, be sure to use the answers to check your work, not a substitute for your work :)
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    Not so much as you describe! But with united reader you can open multiple PDF files I think 3 files at a time. So you can make a copy of the same PDF, like mathew suggested and open both in united reader, one in the questions section and the other in the answers section, so switching back and forth is just a tap away!
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    do they both show at the same time?
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    No! You have to switch between the open PDFs by tapping the placeholder icon at the bottom toolbar
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    which is the best app that does the tabbed PDF? or the placeholder thing?
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    United reader as far as I know!
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    I've been curious about this lately. Has any app been updated to allow for this functionality?

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