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Opening Word Documents Using Pages

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by drpsych2007, Sep 30, 2009.

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    Hello. I'm new to MacRumors. I just installed IWork on my new 13" MBP (has Snow Leopard) and have been unable to open Word 97 documents that I've been emailing myself from work and saving to a flash drive. I have not had such problems with my IMac using Pages. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you!:)
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    As long as they are saved as .doc files I don't see why you should have issues.

    Welcome to the forums though.
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    They are saved at work on a PC using 97 Word (as a .doc file). When I try opening them using Pages, I get the message "The document ***** cannot be opened." I open the same file from email and my flash drive on my IMac. Go figure!
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    Hmm . . .

    If you save the file from Mail onto your Desktop, can you then run Pages
    and open the file from there?

    Also, after you save the file, do a Get Info (under Finder -> File), and see
    what the default program is that opens .doc files. Hopefully, it's set for
    Pages . . .

    And can you open the file with NeoOffice?

    I don't know what's happening on your system, but I just opened a .doc
    from a friend (select attachment, then right-click, then "Open With" and
    choose Pages) - no problems . . .

    Hope this helps - let us know what you've tried . . .
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    Thanks for the information. I will try it, but I got frustrated enough and just bought Windows for Mac. With the new program, I haven't had any problems opening documents that I have sent to myself through my gmail account. Hope this helps others.
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    Keep at it

    If you can, I'd suggest returning Windows for Mac. Once you start relying on it, you've got two operating systems to support, not just one. And one is Windows! If you can't get the Pages issues resolved, you can buy Office for the Mac and eliminate all compatibility problems with .doc files coming from PCs. You might try software update to get any updates to Pages and/or SL since you installed Pages? Also, Pages might be able to open the document from its File menu, if you haven't tried that.

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