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O'Reilly's "Learning Cocoa With Objective-C"

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by running, Feb 29, 2008.

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    I want to learn to program in Cocoa and Obj-C (I know C and C++ a little and slightly, very slightly C#) and I absolutely love O'Reilly's books - and I found O'Reilly has one book about Cocoa and Obj-C, called "Learning Cocoa With Objective-C" - however, this book is from 2002. So, I want to ask - do anyone from you know how outdated this book is? and if it is OK to buy it?

    I browsed few pages on google books, however, it is not complete on Google Books... so, do anyone of you know this book?

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    The developer tools (mostly Interface Builder) changed significantly in Leopard, so you may have trouble figuring out specific steps from the book. However most of those issues have been solved in previous threads, so if you get stuck just search around here or post.

    The most popular book is Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, which is being updated for Leopard, but I'm not sure when it'll be released.
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    Before you buy a book, check out Apple's developer's website. The documentation is top notch. They have clear documentation and programming guides that go along with all API references. I've programmed on Apple and PC. The Microsoft developer's network is way more difficult to follow.
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    The Aaron Hillegass book is way better than the O'Reilly one IMO, and I have read them both.
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    The 2002 date on it turned me away. I decided to start with Kochan's book Programming in Objective-C, which is turning out to be wonderful. I was thinking from there to pick up a Cocoa book as well, but I ain't no spring chicken anymore (relatively speaking) and seem to be getting along OK.

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