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Os 10.3?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Ifeelbloated, Feb 23, 2003.

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    Does anyone have an inkling when OS 10.3 is coming out?
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    Re: Os 10.3?

    The general feeling (as indictaed by other threads on this forum) is probably late summer to early fall.

    My guess is that 10.3 might be the release of OS X that you need for 970 based systems. (Presuming Apple uses the 970's.)
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    This is anything but "Hardware Discussion", please post in the right forums. :)
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    Dont Hurt Me

    I think Bear is right on the Mark, 970 and 10.3 at the same time and 10.3 will all but forget os9 and be built to sceam with the screamer 970. Now lets all hope this happens.
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    what's going to be so special about 10.3, especially since 10.2 just came so recently. 10.2 brought so many cool changes, what do they have planned for 10.3?? Is this whole "Panther" thing true, is that what it's going to be called, or is that just spec?
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    Anyone think it'll work with the iBook?
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    10.3 info has been pretty scarce. I think Think Secret said they were going to try to get some new info. I have no doubts that it'll be 64-bit ready and ship with machines utilizing the 970.
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    if u look its harware/software forum, take a look on the main page.
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    As good as Apple is with getting things out the door. I don't give them credit for getting the OS ready for the new chips if there is any, be it a G5 or whatever. That's a ways off. Come on, they're not THAT good.
    I'm just waiting to slap some money down for a truly robust and well rounded OS X.x. There are some small things about 10.1.5 that are annoying but 10.2 just looks like too much of baby step to put down money for. Just my $0.02.
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    If you look the description for this forum is:

    "discuss any aspect of Mac/Apple hardware" :p :rolleyes:

    There is a specific forum for software discussion.
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    I'll try to answer this as best I can.
    10.3 will be released at some point, with some new features, but we really are speculating as to when and what.
    As for the whole "Panther" thing, I don't know if Apple will continue the faux fur thing, but Panther probably is 10.3's codename. 10.0 was Cheetah, 10.1 was Puma, and as we all know 10.2 is Jaguar.
  12. Gus
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    Sic 'im edesign!

    By the way, I dig the new avatar. :)

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    an ibook? i would hope so. i would think that
    all computers that are at this moment able to
    run X will be able to run future X upgrades.
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    Actually if the next chip is the IBM 970, Apple probably has a few already. And if not, they know the design specs so they can have a prototype motherboard ready.

    So based on this, and the fact that minimal modification is needed to get an OS running on the 970, I expect that needed OS changes won't be what holds up a Mac based on the 970 from going out the door.
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    The 970 has the capability to run an updated version of 10.2, but 10.3 will probably also come in a 64-bit version which will be easier for Apple than MS since Apple can just make a new compiler for their SDK and run the OS through it (more or less, probably less than they'd like, but not too much effort all things concidered). It's likely Apple is hard at work with their 64-bit stuff and hardware that will reallly bring some attention back to the platform which used to have all the power. The new PowerMac970 will probably come with (my specs here, not rumored or based on much):

    Single 1.4 GHz
    Dual 1.6GHz
    Dual 1.8 Ghz

    OS X 10.3 64-bit
    Updated quicktime, openGL and quartz to run in true 64-bit (which means all the stuff we complain about now should be fixed, like iTunes encoding too slow, iPhoto and iCal's GUI not being fast enough, etc)

    I'm putting all my eggs in the 64-bit basket.
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    Having watched a couple of OS's go through the 32-bit to 64-bit migration, I figure with your scenario, 10.3 will come out about 12 months after a 970 based Mac is released.

    I'll be surprised if it is sooner. Having an OS go from 32-bit to 64-bit is much more than just recompiling it with a new compiler. And as for applications, with no tweaks to the source, a 64-bit version may show no improvement.

    As I said elsewhere, I think we'll see a phased approach.
    1. 970 Based Powermac with a slightly modified OS X.
    2. 64-Bit OS with some of the utilities rewritten in 64-bit.
    3. Applications will come out over time with a 64-bit version.
      32-bit applications should be able to run just fine under a 64-bit version of the OS.

      As for the version number, I suspect 10.3 for a 970 based Mac. This makes it clear cut what version of OS X is needed on it.
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    what i'd like to see is someone thats good with photoshop to mock up a panther box in the style of jaguar with the panther fur X etc. Would be a cool look into the future, or maybe i'm just bored.
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    sounds good to me!, now if only i could find my talent.......somewhere around here........
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    Because of Apple being able to have access to the 970 long before the release, I think that we will see an OS built for the 64-bit processors coming out with the processors themselves.

    I would think that a change from 32-bits to 64-bits would be important enough to change the Move the OS up to 10.5.
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    Of course there will be an OS for them. The question is whetehr the first one will be a 32-bit or 64-bit OS when the 970 based Macs are released. I say a 32-bit OS for the first pass.
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    I ment not just re-compiled.
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    That's pretty easy to to actually, just modify the TIFF file and there ya go. (remember to do permissions first)

    Hard Drive>>System>>CoreServices>>loginwindow.app>>Contents>>Resources>>AboutBox.tiff

    Sample: (not mine)

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    Ahh, vniow, isn't that still just jagular fur again???

    Actually how can they use a panther's fur pattern? Panthers don't have any spots! So it'd just be plain brown or plain black fur wouldn't it?
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    Yeah, but you can put in any image you like, that was just an example.[​IMG]
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    well, panthers are also sleek and powerful...
    maybe they'll make some altra smooth X in black, no fur, just sleek and black.

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