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    Hey guys, I recently acquired a negative scanner that is very very difficult to use with my imac running Mountain Lion. The software is very poorly transported to Mountain Lion and the drivers are crappy. I'm wondering if I can create a partition on my HD, put in the original install DVD that came in my imac (snow Leopard) and then install SL directly onto that partition so I will have a SL partition for when I need to scan. Will this work? Help would be appreciated!
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    There's a few options here, you can resize/partition your HD into 2 partitions and install SL on the other partition, or use an external HD and Install SL on it or use an App like Parallels,VirtualBox or Fusion to install SL in a Virtual Machine but for the last one you need Snow Leopard Server.
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    Jan 22, 2013
    The simple answer is yes.
    Works just as you said, but you need to back up ML and re-install both once partitioned.
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    Sorry, I mixed up ML with SL. My imac is running Mountain Lion right now, and I need a partition with Snow Leopard. I know that you can install Mountain Lion onto a partition if you are currently running Snow Leopard, but if I am running Mountain Lion can in install a SL partition? I know that I could always just restore my imac back to Snow Leopard and then install a ML partition but that would be more of a hassle. Can I make a Snow Leopard partition straight from Mountain Lion using the original SL install disk?
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    You can do a non destructible resize partition in Mountain Lion, a backup should always be done before but if all goes well there is no need to do as you say.

    Read my post again, it does not matter one way or the other, you can always use multiple partitions to install more OS Systems.

    As above, a resize/partition should not destroy any date, but do make a backup first.
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    Jun 15, 2012
    What is the scanner? Are there no updates? There may even be open-source drivers for it that might work better.
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    100% correct on this.

    The OP never even stated what was actually wrong with Mountain Lion and his scanner. He just said the drivers were wonky and the software was bad. What does that mean?
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    The drivers that epson has out for the scanner I have are renown for being really crappy on mountain lion. The last OS that works well with the v700 scanner is Snow Leopard. I know this because I am graduating from a photography program that specifically never updated their imacs because mountain lion doesn't work well with the scanners we use. I have searched for a 3rd party driver to no avail. Unless someone has a better idea the snow leopard partition is looking to be my best option.
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    Oct 31, 2011
    1. For the last two posters before the OP: Negative Scanners are no longer commercially viable; especially for the professional marketplace. Hence there is no incentive for the manufacturers to update their software. Open source alternatives, if they do exist, just do not provide the functionality needed by a professional.

    2. Partitioning your HD is indeed your best solution as long as this Mac remains functional. This solution is the so-called "dual boot" solution, which forces you to chose one environment or the other.

    3. Once you are forced to purchase a Mountain Lion Mac (these Macs do not allow a SL partition), you can virtualize Snow Leopard (I use Parallels 8). After 18 months of instructing those in need of running Rosetta concurrently with Lion and now Mt. Lion how to install Snow Leopard client into Parallels, Apple finally decided to help those out who need Rosetta, and re-release Snow Leopard Server for a 95% discount. This is especially true even though the Snow Leopard EULA does not prohibit the virtualization of Snow Leopard client in Lion or Mt. Lion on a Mac. However Snow Leopard Server is much easier to install into Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

    Even though you do not need it now, my best advice is that you purchase Snow Leopard Server and put it up on the shelf for when that day comes for you. Apple is now selling Snow Leopard Server for $19.99 + sales tax & shipping costs at 1.800.MYAPPLE (1.800.692.7753) - Apple Part Number: MC588Z/A (telephone orders only). It may not stay on sale forever...

    Here is a "testimonial" from a professional photographer who needed the ability to run his legacy professional hardware in Snow Leopard while upgrading (at that time) to Lion:
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    That my friend is exactly what I needed to know. You have helped tremendously. I will install snow leopard on a partition today and get things running. Hopefully this mac will last a long long time, but if not the SL server is going to be necessary in the future. Thanks again, I thought I was crazy because I couldn't get this scanner working on Mtn Lion and everyone was telling me I'm just an idiot because they clearly don't understand the specifics of the epson v700 negative scanner. Thanks again!
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    I was asking for more information and pointing you towards alternatives which you may not have tried in an attempt to help.
    At that point, you hadn't told us the make and model of the scanner, and I didn't know whether you had exhausted other options.

    At no point did I or anyone suggest you were an idiot. And as it happens, I do know a thing or two about scanners. ;)

    All the best.

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