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$$$ OS X Programmer Needed $$$

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Machu, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Here is what I need:

    I need a custom OS X. I need it to boot up, and immediately open a movie file, and play it in full screen. The movie cannot be terminated, unless, the computer is accessed through remote desktop, and changed manually with a username and password. It cannot be terminated locally unless you enter a username and password. In the background OS X needs to auto-find and connect to any open wireless network for me to connect through remote desktop. It needs to be simple and secure. Secure enough that the media being played cant be tampered with. It is similar to kiosk/digital signage applications. There may be a program for something like this already, either way I am willing to $reward$ anyone interested for a finished product or an amazing software recommendation. I will pay through Paypal only for a working product that I will test prior to payment. If the programmer does a good job there is the potential for steady work that pays well (maintenance and updated versions). I will also let you keep any software patent that might result, as long as I am allowed free use and license. Feel free to discuss ideas on this thread but, if you are serious contact me privately to discuss things in more detail. I am sure there will be questions. I look forward to your reply.

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    Does it have to be OSX? Any OS can do this with shell scripting. I find that using Linux is easier to make a custom tailored OS, but thats just my opinion. When you talked about a playing a movie not to be able to terminate, you mean by running the movie into an infinite loop and with no direct/local access from a keyboard?
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    It has to be OS X right now because of the hardware Im using... that may change in the future. Local/Remote access is restricted unless you have the right Username/Password that is entered into a U/P box that is accessed by pressing esc (or whatever) while the system is running and looping the video IN FULL SCREEN which is something I failed to mention earlier. Otherwise the system (OS X + Hardware) will loop that video as long as the hardware will run. I also want to be able to access this system remotely via the system's wifi... and "Unlock, update with a new movie, and continue that new movie looped forever and ever. Or until I change it again. The remote access is absolutely the most important part about this. I dont intend to update this thing locally once it is running. Once the system has left my possession, it must be completely accessible remotely. Once the new user has plugged it into power it will boot up, set up, open, fullscreen, and loop whatever movie it came loaded with, and then find and connect to any open wifi it can. It will then sit and loop the video waiting for me to update it. It is very hard to explain without seeing it. i am doing the best I can, if there are any holes let me know... I love input. :)

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    Summary of software rules as not to confuse everyone, including myself -

    1. OS X 10.4.8 software (only thing that will work with the hardware, but shouldn't make any programming difference)
    2. Movie and Picture Playback
    3. System Boots, Immediately opens pre-loaded movie file, full-screens, loops, and locks the movie from termination.
    4. The System searches in the background for any available open wifi network and connects automatically. If there is not one it checks every few seconds for one that is available.
    5. There are two ways the movie can be stopped: a) A local user whos keyboard is connected directly to the logic board presses esc and is prompted for the username and password. If he/she doesn't know the password the movie cannot be stopped. It will loop forever and ever. b) the user accesses the computer via the internet and the systems built in wifi and some type of ssh or remote desktop. (Another option would be some type of update server it connects to. I dont care. As long as it updates when I want, with the movie or picture I want, I dont care how its done.) Obviously there is a certain amount of network info and configuration needed from the end user ( IP, port forwarding, ect ) Unless you can come up with an easy solution for that dont worry about it now. I will figure it out later.
    6. Must be secure and as simple as possible so that any user can plug the system in with little to no setup, in any random personal/home wifi spot , and it starts playing the movie forever.
    7. The most important part is that I am able to change the systems media from where ever I am, and the end user has no control over it, unless they have the u/p.

    I dont think I left anything out, but again let me know if anything is still fuzzy.
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