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OSX.1.3 vs Age

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by canadianmac, Feb 11, 2002.

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    Ok...I need some help. I want to upgrade the current OS on my iMac G3 400. Its current set-up includes OS 8.6 and 384 Mb of Ram. Any ideas on how OSX will run on this set-up?
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    I have an Imac 400 mhs with 384 ram running 10.1.2 works great. I would say if you are not going to buy a new mac soon you should buy OS X. I find it to be stable and faster then os 9. (have not used os 8.x.x)
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    Sure, the iMac 400 will be good... but I do suggest that if you would be using OS X as the default, you should upgrade your RAM to 512mb.

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    canadianmac - OS 8.x.x is lousy compaired to OS 9.x.x or OS X. If you plan on using your mac for anything but using simpletext, upgrade and use OS X as your primary system. I have been using it as my primary system for about 3 months now and it's great. I don't have any issues.
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    no probs
    more ram though
    but it should be fine
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    ...works great for what I do (typing, internet, light 3d work, photoshop, mail, a little programming, etc... when I type vm_stat in terminal it always says 0 pageouts). I suppose if you run a *lot* of apps at once, or mess with 1200dpi photoshop documents you would need more. Anyway, OSX is awesome. It has some flaws (what doesn't), but overall it's awesome.

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