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OSX10.2.4 Crashing

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Windowlicker, Apr 1, 2003.

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    I'm on G4/733 with 640mb's of RAM.

    About a month ago my computer started crashing by giving me the grey screen with "You have to restart your computer.......". Finally I found out my 512mb RAM chip was broken.

    After a couple of weeks I received a new chip from Kingston. Everything worked well till now: I'm getting those scary crashes again.

    The only thing that's different is that I can't find any problems on my system... I ran the Apple Hardware Test CD, Norton Utilities 7.0.3, Tech Tool Deluxe & Drive 10.1.4 (from 10.1.5) and the Disk Utility from the jaguar install CD..

    Everything seemed to be in order. I have no idea what could be wrong :p
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    It could be overheating. Check to see if it's gulping any hot air from a heat source, and make sure you use an Air-Can to blast out the vents, fans, and MoBo.

    I had an experience like you describe - but mine was too far gone. Logic board AND both Proc's toasted - literally.
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    I had this same issue with my quicksilver g4 733. It started the day I bought it. Apple had me wipe and reload. Still did it.... I upgraded the ram to 1.5 gigs when I purchased it. After a month apple said it was my hard drive and replaced it. It still did it. 2 months later they replaced the cpu. 1 month later they replaced the logic board and the power supply, and the cpu. Each time having it at my local apple store a week ( thats ok at the time I had 2 other original imacs in the kids rooms so I stole one lol). It still did it!!!!!!!!!!! Apple them ran some test on it that just ran in a loop. A week later it locked up for them. They say it was tthe ram and put in a apple 256 meg chip. Than ran it another 3 days no lockup. It ended up the retailer I bought it at had used a non standard apple ram. Runs great now. Have had that screen pop up 1 time in 4 months!!!!!
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    I also have to keep the fans cleaned weekly on it . If not it heats up and makes 3 times the fan noise it does normaly. I switched to mac last year. I purchased 2 imac in jan 2002. Even after my problems with my tower I purchased a 12 AIbook this past weekend.
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    no hot air comes out of the box.. but it's pretty warm... Dunno what I should do. I have 3rd party memory (as I made clear).

    Should I try replacing the power source or what?? I'm not gonna clean the damn fans every day ;P I just want my computer to work like it should! I'm not gonna buy an apple computer that doesn't work.
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    apple says it was the aftermarket ram that was causing my problems too. Same cpu same system board........
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    so basically I could say I'M SCREWED!(?) :(

    this really sucks... maybe I should call the customer service and ask for advice. Though I've already called them 3 times :p
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    The ram I had was from edge tech. Since I put in the 256 apple ram its been awesome!! That was just my experiance. I was lucky I still had the original ram that came with it packed away
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    I'd run some personal tests before getting them involved again. Remove all of your after market RAM and run with the stock stuff for a while.

    Should the RAM be the problem as postulated here, everything should be fine. Once you are comfortable with this, put one after market DIMM in, and run with is like that for a few days. If an issue arises, take the DIMM out, and test with the next, and so on.

    When done, you should have the problematic DIMM(s) set aside. Then check your warranties, you might be good for a refund/exchange.

    Please be aware though, RAM can go bad spontaneously.
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    I was not saying that my "problem" is his. I was relating a simular situation and what mine turned out to be. If I had switched out the ram as the writer suggested I would not have lost my computer for what equalled 4 months total.
    I still feel apple went the distance on my service. If it had not been the ram and after being in service 6 times they were going to replace it. It was still in the 1st year.
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    law guy

    Did you have this problem with 10.2.3? Just asking as I've heard so many complaints re: the stability of 10.2.4.
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    no.. the problems started after installing 10.2.4.. but I had had 10.2.4 for a couple of months before the problem started occuring.

    *waiting for 10.2.5*

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