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Overclocked G5?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by disconap, Nov 17, 2006.

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    I hadn't heard of this being successful; then I came across this listing on ebay. My immediate thought was "scam", but the dude has a 100% positive rating with 600+ transactions. Thoughts? Has anyone heard of this working?
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    How hot will it get when I overclock my G4?
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    Um, wrong thread?
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    Kind of related...I guess I was just wondering if I could overclock my g4. Kind of similar.
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    mad jew

    Getting the earlier G5 to 3.5GHz is insane. I can't imagine it'd be stable, but I'm still impressed the seller has managed to do it.
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    Yeah, however I'd really question the longevity of that system. :eek: It would be along the same lines of those idiots who put nitrous in their cars. :cool:
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    Spanky Deluxe

    Holy cow, is this for real? A dual processor machine overclocked like that would be hands down the fastest OS X Photoshop machine on the planet! $800 isn't *that* much for an increase in speed of 75% and could work wonders for photoshop pros (providing they haven't already upgraded to newer G5s).
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    thats insane, kinda tempting for photoshop though. I wounder how he/she is doing it though.
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    Either way, I call BS. This thing must get insanely hot and burn your place down. G5s got hot enough at regular speed I can't imagine how badly you could get burnt by touching an Oc'ed G5.
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    Exactly, The G5s had a liquid cooling system and quite a few fans if I remember correctly. And that was just for normal operation, overclocking usually requires even more cooling than normal assuming you want it to be stable, and that is hard to do with the G5.
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    Only the Dual 2.5GHz had the liquid cooling, the lower and previous models didnt, he was only offering on 1.8/2GHz, so im assuming he doesnt want to deal wih the liquid cooling.
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    ummm, so i take my silent kick-ass dual 1.8 apart, send in both cpus, and get back a 'software' overclocked hair dryer. all for $500. fsb overclock. i'm sure that will do really nice things to pci, memory, and so on...

    god bless ebay and the crap that can be marketed to the world from the comfort of the sofa... i should send him the g5 processor from my laptop and see how fast i can get it to run... might kill battery life though. :p
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    in the eBay pic, where's the serial number? sure looks photoshopped... and the 3.5GHz number can easily be photoshopped also.

    but the idea is great. i hope it's not a scam.
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    Why is this guy not selling his mod on Ebay or offering to mod other Mac Users G5's for a fee.

    He would make more money from this than selling his own over-clocked G5 on Ebay.
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    i thought this IS what the seller is doing, no?
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    His list of constraints make it at least seem plausible. Although stock air cooling at that speed sounds suspicous as ever. Also, the overclock is a result of busspeed increase, not multiplier increase. I would think that the FSB control would be on the MB, not on chip?

    So who is going to try it out?
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    Sun Baked

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