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Pandora and iPod???

Discussion in 'iPod' started by driphone, Dec 2, 2011.

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    I need to run Pandora radio in my office. What is the minimum iPod model & what generation that has WiFi and can play Pandora without any problems?
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    I believe you would be good with buying the first generation iPod touch. Looking on the app store, the minimum software version required is iOS 3.0, which I believe this iPod supports.
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    any iPod touch will work, though I'd recommend at least a 3rd Gen, as it still supports the newest versions of iOS.
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    So I assume a 2nd generation iPod touch will do the job.

    The only use for it is to play Pandora from our storage room. Do you still think buying a 3rd generation is warranted?

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    I have a 2nd gen one. It does the job. A 3rd gen one will do the job faster :p

    The nice thing is that a 3rd gen one can run the newer OS though, so more app compatability if you want it.

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