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Paper Choices

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by jpgoebel, Apr 20, 2006.

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    I am new at design work and I was looking for a place (besides Office Depot or any other "office" store) to find heavier paper that will go through a Konica Minolta C 250 color copier. I have a couple small jobs that I do not need to send to a press. Any web links or suggestions will be helpful. The job types are a brochure and small magazine. Thanks
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    I'm not sure if they're just local to my area, but I get most of my paper from a company called XPEDX. My printer recomended them and so far I haven't been disapointed.
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    Thanks for the info. I found a store in Wichita. I will see what they have. What weight of paper should I use for: 1. Small Magazine 2. Brochures
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    I order paper for a printing company through xpedx. Xpedx is a nationwide paper merchant in the US. Their website at xpedx.com will give you the information you need to connect with a local office.
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    110-150gsm for text pages, 180-250gsm for covers

    Bear in mind cost and any mailing charges due to weight... and also any show-through on the lighter stocks.
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    Since basis weights are commonly used in the US, here's a handy chart to show the basis weight equivalents of the gsm info BV provided. :D
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    My recomendaition is Hammermill Color Copy. It comes in 28# text weight and 65# and 80# cover. They also sell a natural color and a gloss stock. It also comes in Letter, Legal and Tabloid. I have been using it in color copiers for over 10 years and have been very happy. There are other color copiers papers, but I tend to stick with something that works. With a copier there's nothing worse than jamming paper. I rarely jam on the text weight. Xpedx sells it. Your Xpedx rep will give you some or you can go to a retail store and pick up some samples.

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