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pass information from one object to another

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by henktade, Feb 26, 2009.

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    hi guys,

    I am working on one project were one of my view controller connects to a server and parses string(which I done already and which I can see from the log file) then loads a new view. on the new views view controller I want to display the result which is brought from the server. what is the proper way of communicating this information to the other view?

    I have like strings, arrays ...

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    pass information from one object to another(additional info)

    I have a one view called iFetch104ViewController which contains a textField and a button.

    with a click of this button .. I push a navigation bar view controller called ResponceViewController as follows.

    [[self navigationController] pushViewController:[[ResponceViewController alloc] init] animated:YES];

    instead of the above code, I wanted to pass the content of the text field also to the new navigation controller. and I tried the following:

    ResponceViewController *test = [[ResponceViewController alloc]init];

    test.testStr = numberField.text;

    //numberField is a text field on the iFetch104ViewController
    //testStr is a NSString pointer defined in ResponceViewController

    [[self navigationController] pushViewController: test animated:YES];

    so the program crashes every when it execute:

    test.testStr = numberField.text;

    pls help.........:confused:
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    Do you have accessor methods for testStr defined in ResponceViewController?
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    missing accessor methods

    that was exactly my problem. I come back to let u guys that I found the problem but tank you dejo for the replay.

    I missed
    @synthesize testStr;

    in ResponceViewController.m
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    So, instead of trying to sort it out in your other thread, you're just gonna come here and post the same question? Not nice.
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    I just saw this thread,

    Actualy i try to send personaly to that guy.

    ok.leave it.

    Do u know the solution of my pblm?
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    I do. You need to give storyLink a value before you reference it.

    Like so:
    Rootviewcontroller *rootviewcontroller1 = [[Rootviewcontroller alloc]init];
    rootviewcontroller1.storyLink = @"a non-nil value";
    Testviewcontroller *testviewcontroller1 = [[Testviewcontroller alloc]init];
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    I think u didnt understand my pblm.
    Anyway i solved it.thanks
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    I think you didn't explain it properly then. Sorry.
    Would you mind explaining how you solved it? In case others have the same issue, they can learn from your approach.

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