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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by cclloyd, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Is this going to be an app we can get from the appstore before iOS 6 is released or is it going to be a built in app that we can't use unless on iOS 6?
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    built in most likely or until they release iOS6 then the app would be out for all devices maybe.
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    built in, it's like newsstand. compulsory app folder type thing, looks good tho, just awaiting dev's to adapt
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    really stoked about this app. with retail support it could be huge for Apple. those 400m credit cards on file and a NFC iPhone 5 would be hard to compete with from Google's perspective.
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    But, like, would stores need anything special to accomadate this, or can any barcode reader scan your phone? It seems that if all stores could use phones for stuff like this, the world would be simpler.
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    I'm really looking forward to more airlines integrating this. Im flying with Lufthansa next month and they are using mobile tickets which are really cool.
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    No, not different than the Starbucks app, electronic tickets, electronic boarding passes etc. it's just combining them all in one app.

    This could be huge for Apple IMHO. I could really see major companies buying into this and with a NFC for Visa and MasterCard, it's making the iPhone close to a wallet replacement.
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    This app sounds great but what would make it even better is if it replaced debit/credit cards. I think Apple is setting this up to add in that function when they announce the next iPhone with NFC.
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    Will this app handle things like your Kroger, Giant Eagle, Lowe's, etc cards?
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    Barcode scanners can easily scan a phone. In fact, there are several apps similar that let you manage your barcodes on things like library cards so you can just use your phone.

    Potentially. It has the ability.
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    Can't wait for NFC!
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    This app is just the consolidated start of the virtualization of the money in our lives. Everything in our lives is becoming digital, and this will be a great major step. Wonder what kind of security features they will have for it if your phone gets stolen. All the more reason to use a passcode.
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    I'm looking at another application of this.

    Security passes.
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    I'm a registered dev, the passbook app currently doesn't work, when you open it, it just shows an unclickable menu.
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    I think you have to have an app integrate into it like Newsstand.
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    Really good idea this. I use the Starbucks Card app very regularly and I've used mobile tickets in the past on the Eurostar. Having a unified wallet for them all will be very useful indeed, would just like support for mobile tickets like this to be rolled out in more places, like on UK trains.
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    We have to wait for apps to be updated using the API's. until then, all we get is the following image. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1339500663.815877.jpg
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    Will it work with ipod touch 4g as well ? I want to use that awesome passbook app as well :)
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    Stupid question, but why Passbook? Couldn't they have come up with a better name?
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    I am super excited about this.
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    I do hope Apple introduces a web API for this as well as native Cocoa APIs
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    I seem to recall a backlash against something they named the iPad....
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    Guys, you can now use it by going to passsource.com on your iOS 6 device ;)
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    The Game 161

    How will it even work? if you have a card for say Burtons in the Uk or costa...what do you do with it? do the shop scan it in using your phone?
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    Yup. Like the subway app you can get right now, but built into passbook, they scan the barcode on it. Simple as.

    if you mean how do you go from the card to the phone it's either log into the account on your phone or create one and transpose the card number to the phone. Have to wait and see as will prob depend on each company.

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