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Password issues

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bertomactic, Jun 11, 2011.

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    I have a Power Mac G5 2.0 processor that i installed Leopard onto. I did not put a password in the OS during installation but now when i try to do a Mac software update i get asked for a password???????!!!!! i don"t get???!!!
    Is there a way around this. i can recall a time where on other occasions I booted from the install disk and seeing an option for " Password Reset".
    Help.... what to do ?????!!
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    If you didn't enter one, surely you can just hit return when prompted for it?

    To rest your mac's password: Boot from the OS X disc, go to Utilities > Reset Password.
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    Heres what i did. i booted from the Leopard installation CD and went to disk utilities/password reset and created a password, saved it and rebooted. When prompted at start-up for the password, i entered it of course and as was well. When I did my software updates again i was prompted for a password, entered it and all was well.
    That was a couple of days ago but today when i start the G5, all i get is a blue screen, i can see the mouse but thats all. The G5 never completely boots, it just sits there with a blue screen!!!!!!!!! What happened ?????!!!!!
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    It was suggested that i boot from the OS CD( Tiger 10.4) and do a Disk repair so I did and all seems well. It was also recomended that afterward i boot into SAFEBOOT which I did, but like a dumb-ass i choose the option to " List Name and Password" option at boot up. But like a moron when i created the user name i decieded to be clever and did something like
    " APPLE G5 ! ( appleg5)" at least thats what I saw when i booted to the OS disk and did a password reset. But i don't remember how many spaces i put between APPLPE and G5 and Exclamation ! ARRGHHH!!!! and i think that is why the log in box is shaking its head. saying "No".. What to do now????? DAMM very frustrating !!!!!!!?????

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