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Pay to use Sherlock?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by e-coli, Oct 6, 2002.

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    I think this would be a tragedy. If true, the whole .Mac thing is beginning to sound very AOL-like. This would certainly be a case of pushing people one step too far. As it is, Sherlock's web search is d@mn near worthless (long live Google). Why give us an app we have to pay to use? That's dirty and tasteless.

    I would be with Mr. Flibble on this subject.

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    Re: Pay to use Sherlock?

    okay, I have .Mac, and I agree, that isn't fair. Sherlock has been free since OS 8, why would they act like idiots now and charge for it. I think that it is uncool that apple is nickel and diming people everywhere, b/c I for one dont' have enough nickles and dimes to pay for it!
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    at the end of the story, it said that the new features would cost, but basic stuff, like what it does now.

    "...This feature, and several others, would be integrated with Apple's customized version of the Mozilla Web browser, most likely based on the Chimera project. This will be key to the justification behind making Sherlock .Mac-dependent. As with Backup and other .Mac applications, Sherlock will still function if you do not have a .Mac account, and may even retain the bulk of the functionality it has today -- merely minus the new .Mac-dependent features. More on this soon..."

    --from MOSR
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    It still makes me mad- I don't like being nickeled-and-dimed every four seconds, especially by my favorite company!
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    But isn't this .Mac thing sounding extremely AOL-like?

    I'm not so sure that's a good thing for apple. I mean, put the pieces together. Apple-based servers that help you "cruise the internet", Apple releasing it's own browser...It just stinks of AOL in the early years.

    Every time you turn around it seems like Apple is saying "give us money, give us money". Like paying twice as much for old technology. Sometimes I wish we did have a choice of hardware / more software options. I wouldn't feel this way if Apple din't treat their customers like crap....anyway...
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    i agree and am just as angry, but unless we hit point of no return, i am loyal to apple all the way!
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    Let's not start bashing Apple over this, it is not even quoted as a rumour from a reliable source or anything like that. It is just speculation.

    They will never take away the ability to search the finder, and the internet search feature is not as good as google.

    They may eventually make the new features of sherlock a part of .Mac, but I don't care, half of them don't work if you live outside of the US.

    But it's not fair to start saying that Apple is trying to squeeze every cent out of us, just from reading some speculation from MOSR.

    just my opinion
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    j'agree! One thing- if they are going to take a lot of stuff away, do you tihnk people will leave the mac world!?

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