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pb 1.5 issues?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by puckhead193, Oct 1, 2004.

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    I have my pb for quite sometime now.... The other day i was listening to music uisng itunes and headphones. I got up from my desk and i put the head phones down and decided to listen to music over the speakers. I unpluged the wire. And there was static. It sounded like a blew the speakers, I restarted my computer and it was fixed.......
    I went to the apple store In cambrige MA, (wow wut idiots) because my ipod battery is dead. (I have to buy a new battery or get a new ipod, what a load of *****) $500 and i get to use it for a year..... Anyway i asked about this and they couldn't solve the issue. The genious said he looked around and some epople had some problems with the sound and 1.5 on pb.... Anyone have this happen to you.
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    I don't know about the sound issue but regarding your iPod I spent $50 on Applecare for the iPod and ended up sending mine in because of mounting issues. The sent me a brand new iPod. Get Applecare if you can.
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    If I unplug my creature speakers from the audio port on my 12" powerbook without muting the sound first I get a lot of feedback that sounds really bad. Could that be what is happening to you? As far as I know this is a pretty common thing not just in powerbooks but in audio units in general.
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    Agreed -- I have a 15" 1.5GHz Powerbook, and I get this as well.

    Similarly, if I have my speakers powered on with the volume up, but the input wire to my PB is on the ground, I get feedback.

    From the description you've provided, I think this is normal.
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    When unplugging jacks from all kinds of amplifiers you will always get somekind of feedback, often with a "exploding" sound followed by some static.

    If the static doesn't stop (and if nothing hooked uo to the amp, in this case the powerbook) there is a problem.
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    Yea it won't stop until a put my computer to sleep or shut it down....

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