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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jbrown, Oct 24, 2005.

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    I have PB 1.25.

    In the lower left hand corner I have a ' smudge ' of lighter area about 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch size. It looks like a fuzzy cloud, with no hard edges.

    I have seem dead pixels before, and am familiar with them, and it does not look like this is what it is. I'll tried to include a screenshot,but it doesn't 'photograph'.

    I'll try to descripe it - there are no hard points of light or darkness, like you'd expect with a pixel stuck on or off. It is mostly visable the lighter the background screen colour - virtually invisible on a black screen, quite visible on a white screen. Its almost like the screen bightness in this patch is about 8% higher than the rest of the screen.

    Anyone have a similar problem?? Any cures?? Its not really causing any problems, but it IS annoying.

    cheers all

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    I think you have the infamous uneven illumination problem. It was a problem with the 1,25 and 1,33 ghz models. Mine had it too, and I had the screen replaced while it was still in warranty. Go to your nearest apple service center to see whether they fix it for you.
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    Cheers Frentic,

    This actually produced a result - which was after a call to Apple they agreed to change the screen free of charge. Not to bad as its way out of warrentee .

    Nice one Apple!!:D :D :D
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    Too bad they only made the screen replacement program for powerbooks when my iBook is covered in the same bright spots as all the powerbooks had...and is way out of warranty. :(
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    Good that they didn't put up a fight... They were surprisingly helpful when I went to the shop... Enjoy your new screen :)

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