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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by FlamDrag, Jan 17, 2003.

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    Well, it appears that Apple has changed their Order status page a bit. No more happy images telling me that my PB is "Being Assembled" however, it's much more informative.

    I ordered mine as soon as the Apple Store came back online and it tells me that the Est Ship date is Feb 20. A MONTH left. :(

    However, I cannot complain. At least I'll have it. :)

    So this may be old news, but it's the first "firm date" I've seen.
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    Ouch! Mine says on or before March 28. I just ordered it 2 days ago but I definitely hope that I get bumped up to an earlier date.
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    I wonder how many PB's were ordered b/w mine and yours to add over a month between ship dates!
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    2 Months!

    I originally ordered my 15" Powerbook Dec 9th. It kept getting pushed back and back. Then I upgraded my order to the 17" when it was announced. That could end up being a 3 month wait for me since the dat I first ordered! :eek:

    This is getting out of hand!
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    I just checked mine thinking GOOD.. it's coming sooner.. but my delivery date is not till Mid-March. Grrrrrrrr.!!:eek:
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    Mid march????!! Man, Apple really has to get its supply side worked out. Isn't this the same problem they with the iMacs...Time magazine...huge delay...lost some steam.
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    Wow, this is weird. When I ordered mine, my local reseller told me mid Feb and this is Sydney! How could it be so long for you guys in the US???
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    not soon enough

    I checked mine again today (I guess I'm a bit "OCD" about it) looking for good news and it actually says "on or before Feb 20." So here's hoping to BEFORE.
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    I know it's sort of weired cuz I ordered my 17'ALPB 5 days after SFMW. I know you ordered yours on the day of the SFMW. Now I checked the status of my order and it said on or before March 27th! That is a difference of almost 6 weeks within a five day difference of ordering it. I did not want to order it unless I saw the PB. I had to drive to Pasadena to actually see it.. then I ordered it right then and there. As far as Sydney is concerned.. that is strange. Hehe When did you order yours?:eek:
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    it's bloody chaos, ordering wise. The difference because of 5 days is because in those 5 days nearly every shop and thousands of rabid mac fans the world voer ordered.
    What is ****ting me is that i can't order one in singapore - the apple store singapore has STILL not released the prices.
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    That's good logic... I guess the new AlPower Books was a big hit. Now your situation in Singapore is really weired. I am questioning the motives why they h ave not released a price. At least it's tax-free shopping, isn't it. Hahaha!
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    I don't get it either.
    There is a form on the website to sign up so that when they release the price, they'll email you, WTF?!

    I sure as hell hope they have them in by then, if the price diff is as big as it was with the 1GhzTiBook then the cost of the airfare is less than i'll save on the PB alone!!!!!
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    That is odd how long that it is taking to get your AlBooks. jaguarx is right, in the days after MWSF, a lot of Mac fans must have ordered them. Do any Apple re-sellers have the AlBooks as floor models yet?
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    My guess is appl has prioritised store shipments over individual orders, thus there is a huge backlog of orders and still-starting-up production capacity. All the stores ehre are taking orders out of thier first shipments, some ahve sold thier entire first and second shipments already! It seems foolish to me for apple to release such a wonderful new product without at least having a month's supply on hand first, risky as that is with rumors. Nothing more frustrating than having to wait months. I've heard stories about thier supply chain mismanagement, i would not be shocked if they were true.
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    law guy

    Demos Feb. 20 in Yyson's Corner, VA

    They told me at the Apple Store in Tyson's Corner (Northern VA for those sane enough to live aways away from the Beltway) that they expected Demo models of the 17" on February 20th.
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    Re: Demos Feb. 20 in Yyson's Corner, VA

    Oh, ok, thanks. I would like to see a 17" in a store to see what it looks like.
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    Well I suppose the good thing about my late ship date is I'll be able to check one out in a store and if I don't like it I can cancel, and if I do like it (pretty much a given :) ) I'll have a good place in the queue already.
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    law guy

    Re: Re: Demos Feb. 20 in Yyson's Corner, VA

    Me too. Over a month for demos! I was really amazed that they didn't have demos right away (fictional aside: "As soon as the keynotes over, put them out!"). With the models at MW, it seems that there are at least some units around. Really Apple - you couldn't send at least one demo each to the official Apple stores??? They do have all sorts of oversized print ads around the store. Yeah... just not the same though.
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    Don't worry, they are nice machines. I saw them at MW. After that, TiBooks looked small. Really.
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    Over Achiever

    This should give you some perspective:

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    Wow. That's friggin' huge... I guess it can double as a surfboard... :D

    I am looking forward to the day when I TOO may join that happy club of 17" powerbook owners. But in the meantime, that picture of SJ holding the 17" was pretty amazing. I guess it could double as a desk, a tent (when you go camping), etc. J/k. Looks great. (And less filling!) :D
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    damn i orderd mine jan 7th they say on or before March 21!
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    Order Time

    09:18 AM PST

    PBG4 17.0/1GHZ/512/60G/SD/AP/BT-USA

    Open Est. Ship 03/21/2003
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    This wait is like having a 2-3 month term pregnancy--really so long to wait. Now that I have time to prepare...paint the room with blue Apples...get some cigars "It's a Mac"...maybe I can have a computer shower ahead of time so my friends can bring software and laptop peripherals to welcome the new Mac. The next longest wait is getting a house built. After that, having a real baby. Sheesh.
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    Poppets & Powerbooks

    Not as crazy as it sounds. My first baby is due in 5 weeks and my PB17 is due around the same time. If waiting for the one wasn't hard enough, I've got to wait for both!

    I guess now that we've 95% settled on names for the baby, I could start working on a name for the new machine.

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