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PC iPod and Digital Devices

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, May 21, 2002.

  1. arn
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    Thinksecret reports on revived rumors of a PC version of the iPod:

    Intially, sources said, Apple planned to release a Windows-only iPod at Macworld Tokyo this year. Reportedly, this version would include Windows firmware, filesystem support, and a Windows updater/formatter.

    The rumors of a PC version of the iPod date back to February 2002 which was reportedly being developed at the same time as the 10gig iPod which was released at MacWorld Tokyo

    Thinksecret also hints towards more "non-computer" devices in the works.
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    I think iPod for windows would be an excellent way to cross the Mac/PC barrier...

    just think....how impressed consumers would be with Apple iPod....they may get curious to jump ship on a new iMac! :D
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    That's the idea. I know plenty of pc-lovers who'd love to get their hands on one.

    But I don't know if it's plausible or not with all the cross-platform expenditures and development.


    Change one, and you'd have to change them all.
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    ok, Well Apple would needc its own MP3 app for win and a installer- hint why won't apple switch to .msi setuspd? Installer vise for win,. has been negelected since 2000/2001.
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    okay.. I always thought this would be helpful for Apple, but recently, two of my friends saw the ipod... and they loved it so much that... when they bought the ipod, they took along with them a new imac. Just for the sake that no windows machine can have true sync with the ipod like iTunes does.

    You see what I'm getting at here? The iPod itself is bringing people over. And now if they release this Windows version, all its going to do is stop making the Windows guys from getting a Mac.

    So, APPLE! WRONG MOVE! (if its true, that is.. hehe :D )

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    point is that apple is reconsidering a full blown Ipod for windoze version ..they might release an Ipod that works on windows but not a version of its own ..thank god for that !!

    mind u i prefer apple not to do a windows version at all for the same reason mentioned above loads of customers want an Ipod and when they find out they need a mac for it to work to it's fullest potential they end up buying a MAC :))

    well can't go better then can it ?
    so apple stick with plan A .
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    i agree.

    if a peecee can use the ipod... then why would one want to buy a more expensive (although cooler, "faster", better) apple product.

    i dont get it apple. i would suggest, as long as i dont get it... dont give it to the peecee users.
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    There are allready a bunch of alternatives; software that DO make the iPod work under Windows, so why shouldn't Apple take the profits on these ones themselves?

    The only thing they can do is make clear 'you get a much better user experience with your iPod in its native environment: a Mac'

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    Mr. Anderson

    Considering the sales seen since the announcement of the first iPod this is a great move by Apple. Allowing anyone with a computer to be able to use an iPod is only going to help Apple in the long run. It shouldn't be a Mac only device, and that's what most people were complaining about at first, now a lot of you want it to be only on a Mac? Let Apple prosper as much as possible, the bottom line is it will help us all.
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    that's exactly what I'm talking about! :D

    exposure...curiosity...it will happen...people will be intrigued by Apple's work on it...and I strongly feel that it would only bring people over to "our" side...persay...

    leaving it as an Apple only product only limits it's possibilities...and if that's the case...people aren't going to make any moves at all...

    they need something to bite at them....maybe this could be a huge sting? :D
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    I believe money is the issue here folks.

    Think beyond platform wars, and notice that the iPod is widely considered the best mp3 player around, and Apple could sell MILLIONS if they offered them to Windows users. Apple could make some serious money.
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    The best thing about a PC iPod

    Firewire for the PC seems close to withering on the vine for PCs. The viability of Firewire is important for Mac users in that more PC users using Firewire means more devices built for Firewire. If PC users need to get a Firewire PCI card to use an iPod, Apple could get more profits to make nicer Macs and help ensure a better life for Firewire. No time like the present.
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    Re: The best thing about a PC iPod

    this is the reason (well, not the only) why I feel that one day we will see more than cross-platform compatibility....

    I can't help but to think there will be a point reached where Macs & PCs can be converged to work together much more efficiently than they do now...

    flame me if u want...but X on a PC is not a completely unfathomable idea..

    the point is...if consumers see how well the OS runs on their systems...imagine how it must seem to them on a Mac?

    ok...I'm getting ready for the flame retardent suit for that "X on a PC" comment...even though it's not completely relevant to the topic ;)
  14. ntg
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    Re: Re: The best thing about a PC iPod

    ...actually, didn't they start along the lines of a 'brave new world' scenario with CHRP (common hardware reference platform) chips, or am I just slightly confused...?:confused:
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    PC iPod

    I think this is a great move for apple. On one condition. Apple must develop a PC version of iTunes, and charge PC users for it. That way, they see the great functionality, the ease of use, the cool factor personality, and realize, iftheir next box is a mac, its all free and seamless, just like thier precious IE. ITs like handing out free heroin samples, people get hooked:D
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    no, they won't do that!

    they won't charge Windoze users for Mac apps, as that's unfair. Do windoze charge us for IE or Outlook........... ? no.

    i like your style, but it ain't gonna happen like that.
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    Re: no, they won't do that!

    I'm not talking about running Mac applications on a PC...just the OS...

    if Apple could get into licensing X to PC manufacturers...they could get into some serious money-making...

    I don't know...someone bring this back to topic please... ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    I just spoke to a coworker who has an iPod who doesn't own a mac. He says that there are a lot of hacks for getting iPod to work on the PC, which is great. But by Apple supporting it directly for the PC, everyone, joe User, will be able to buy one. That's the big step.

    You can bet that the sales will improve dramatically. Good for Apple!
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    thank u duke...

    I don't understand why it's so hard to see this as a step in a positive direction for Apple as a company...

    why are u guys so afraid of crossing over?! why keep everything bundled for Apple only? the only way they are going to grow is if they branch out...
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    This would be a great cash cow for Apple. All the profits go right back into R&D, which will only benefit the rest of the Apple world. As much as it'd sting to see peecee software on an iPod, it's still peecee users purchasing Apple hardware. If they like that, they are more likely to try a mac when their cow quits giving milk.
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    I just don't like the idea of my perfect white iPod box having a waving, multi-colored, Windows flag on it. Guess it's just me, but I like to punish all the PC lovers I know with the iPod. Show them that they're "missing out" on something better. They always do that to me.

    Apple can grow without branching out. Look at Microsoft, they din't branch out and look where they're at…

    I must admit, it would be a positive direction, becuase the market is there on the PC side. I wouldn't mind a "digital hub" device not working on a Mac, but the OS is going to far. We already saw in the mid-90's how much that idea sucked.
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    I dont want to see Apple "grow" like M$ has grown - we dont need another world domination co., thanks.

    Ipod works on the PC, so Apple, just make a PC link software thingy and leave it at that.

    A Windose only iPod? NO chance.

    The peecee guys dont like firewire because it is fast and works - these are the jerks that still have a floppy drive!

    You want an Ipod, peecee boy? Well buy a Mac.

    And for the record, the iPod is not a huge bottom-liner for Apple - its a good little profit, but its not going to make or break the company.

    It sure works as a brand-recognition device, though!

    Now what ever happened to the.....(drum roll).....apologies to everyone..................IWALK...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    first off...nothing is perfect...period.

    second...Apple is making great feats presently...but when it comes down to it...95% of computer users are completely Windows...any way of getting an Apple product to them is an incredible victory for Apple...it means they are giving Apple a chance...

    third...there is no third...I just couldn't have 2 though...he he he ;) ;)
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    The iPod is two things - an excellent if expensive portable music player, and a data wallet. The latter capability has not found much use yet, but it has great potential that I think apple is planning to exploit. The caveat is that your data wallet should be able to talk to any machine you want to use that data on. The catch is that there is no official windows software for the music aspect of the ipod, and firewire is not all that common on PCs.

    The point? They should make iTunes for windows - because the best mp3 player on the market will help push the adoption of firewire as a common high-speed data port on PCs, possibly even as a standard. With a common way to connect, the iPod will become a more useful machine. As apple comes out with alternative uses for the iPod's capabilities, they'll be able to use them on any machine with the appropriate apple software (which btw they can charge for - nobody said the windows version of iTunes has to be free).
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    I'll fight it till the death!

    I'm telling u...

    the best thing Apple can do to get a larger market share it to cater to the PC world...

    not selling out...just give them a taste of what Apple can do...

    maybe I should reinstate my Anti-Zealot status? :D

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