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pc video driver problem please help!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by howard, Aug 20, 2004.

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    i downloaded a new driver (nvidia) for her pc and it started having problems like it would shut off randomly, now you turn the computer on and the moniter won't even turn on, what can i do??? I can fix it once i get it booted up but its not working!!!
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    You should be able to start up using a generic mode to do some daignostics. If this is not possible, you may have to get a hod of a different card to test things out. Often firmware updates can cause wackiness. Especially if the drivers are nVidia and the card is a another manufacturer with nVidia chips. They have their OWn types of drives.

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    try a different monitor

    maybe the monitor got fried by an unsupported refresh rate
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    its not the monitor, i tried it using my ibook and it works fine,

    how do i start up in a generic mode?
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    safe mode is when you press f8 when windows starts up

    does the machine post?

    if it doesnt post, you have a hardware problem

    a driver wouldnt be the culprit here since it loads with the os
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    Yeah, typically you could boot into Window's safe mode, disable or uninstall the bad driver, and reboot to a normal windows enviroment. But man, if the monitor doesn't even show the post...you're screwed. Perhaps the video card is fried?
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    i tried F8 which got me to safe mode then i did a system restore and all is well

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    Sorry, I mean to cal it safe mode, but others helped you out and it seems all is working, so that is good.

    Always be careful about FIRMWARE on the card itself. Drives can be restored, but the firmware can come from NVIDIA or the manufacturer. Sometimes they change some aspects of the cards to make them better or cheaper and the NVIDIA standard does not work well. The same is true with drivers. I had a leaktek nvidia card and the generic nvidia stuff never worked for it.,


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