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PDA Guide?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by TBR, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. TBR
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    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows of a place to investigate various PDA's as a friend of mine's mother want to buy her son one (he's 29 :) )but knows nothing about them, so she asked me but it's not something I really know too much about either.

    He's a pc user so mac compatability isn't really needed.

    Any help would be appreciated as most of the site's I've found are useless.

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    while im not a fan of their articles or reviews of macs i would check out www.cnet.com's review section, its usually pretty helpful except for when it comes to macs, but as you said that isnt an issue here.....
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    Try this:

  4. TBR
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    Thank you both, lots of reading for me tonight after work.
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    Treo 600/650

    I would recommend the Treo, it also serves as a mobile phone. Very nice, has bluetooth, camera that makes movies, HD screen, good stuff...

    But of course it is also a phone so it might not be exactly what she is looking for.
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    If you're looking for reviews, I recommend ZDNET. If you're looking for just feature comparisons, Palm's site lines that up rather nicely.
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    or try www.the-gadgeteer.com

    you might have to search a little (or simply scroll through the review index), and it might work best if you're narrowed it down to a few options and want to compare them.

    good luck!


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