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PDA - Which do you use?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by triton, Sep 23, 2003.

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    I'm looking to purchase a Pocket PC soon, and would like to know which are the best one's that work with apple computers? Most seem to be PC orientated. I do not care if it has a windows interface, I just want to make sure that it works with my apple.

    I was looking at the HP Ipaq 1940, which has bluetooth technology, does this mean I will be able to do updates with the software inside OS X, and then transfer the files over to my palm pilot via bluetooth?

    If anyone can please give me some suggestions on some of the coolest PDA's to go with, I'd appreciate it!;)
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    Handspring Treo 600!!!!

    Ok so perhaps you've already decided you want a Pocket PC. But if you have any interest in a cell phone / PDA combo the Treo 600 looks terrific.

    I have a Treo 300 and I love it.

    The Treo 600 is even better!

    Rock on,
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    However, my heart is set on a pocket PC;)

    However, I will check out your recommendation!

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    No PocketPC works natively with the mac. You can try programs like pocketmac to try to make them work, but i've heard some good reviews and some very bad reviews of it. Might be worth it to just go palm. I got the origonal Tungsten, greatest PDA ever in my opinion (although i want a tungsten C so bad...)
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    I have a Palm Vx that I bought off a friend real cheap. This may soon be replaced with an m515 I might be able to get for $20, again off a friend.

    The PocketPC is way ahead of Palm (except for Sonys version) in terms of the OS functionality. Going with PocketPC is probably a much better choice than Palm, but you could also consider one of the Linux PDAs, such as the Sharp Zarus series.
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    i use my tg50. in my opinion it kicks a**. it syncs perfectly.
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    I use a Treo 300 myself and it is amazing. Great cellphone plus Palm PDA. If I were to buy a brand new one, I would go with the Treo 600. It's even better, based on Palm OS 5.

    You can get it with Sprint PCS service which gives you the high-speed data or 3G technology.
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    I use a Casio E-200. It's a bit dated but is about the most expandable PDA on the market. Well, it was until they stopped making it. One of a small number that can act as a USB host (with optional adapter). It takes SD, CF2, and PCMCIA (with optional sled (which includes USB host and a second battery)).

    If you can find one cheap, go for it.

    Doesn't worth natively with OSX, of course, but no PocketPC does.

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