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PDF reader with continuous vertical scrolling?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Justin Luck, Mar 31, 2012.

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    I am very impressed with iBooks quick rendering speed with PDFs on the retina display. But one feature I would love to have is continuous vertical scrolling. I was surprised to find this feature available in the safari browser when I opened a PDF through a web link. Safari handles high res PDFs beautifully with smooth vertical scrolling and horizontal lock. It is a shame we can't use the browser for files located on the iPad. Are there any PDF readers that can replicate the safari PDF reading experience?
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    iannotate. i think it is the best reader available right now.
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    PDFMate is the BEST reader if you value continuous vertical scrolling. Not only is it free, it has a "horizontal zoom lock" feature so that you can zoom out the margins on your PDF and then as you swipe down, it will lock the horizontal movement so that the image doesn't float to the side.

    Perfect for reading scripts and screenplays too! Even paid PDF apps don't do smooth vertical scrolling as well as PDFMate.
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    you can't really lose with pdfmate. it is free after all!

    but, it is pretty much useless for me. it takes more than a minute to render each pdf page, even on relatively small files of 1.5 mb. iannotate and goodreader can render the same page pretty much instantly.

    i'm sure your mileage will vary, depending on whether your pdfs are generated from scans or conversion from other formats, like Word.
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    PDF reader Lite(free) & Pro($4.99) are very useful and support vertical scrolling continously!
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