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Discussion in 'iPad' started by JReynolds, Apr 23, 2010.

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    What is the best PDF app for the iPad? I want it to be interactive by letting me take notes, highlight etc...

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    TakeNotes (formerly PadNotes) is great for annotating, highlighting, and adding to PDFs. The UI isn't the best, but the functionality is there. My only gripe about it is that there is no way to open PDFs from other apps on the iPad (for example, an attachment from mail or a PDF downloaded with GoodReader).
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    So how do u get the PDFs onto the app?
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    You have to either load them in through iTunes or upload them one by one through a browser on another computer on the same network as the iPad (the app creates a server on your network to upload to). Not the most convenient way to import PDFs, especially if your only computer is your iPad or you need to download PDFs on the go.

    The app works well for me to take notes on slides during class, which my professors post the night before class. I just download the powerpoint, convert to PDF, and upload to iPad (all on my MacBook, of course). Hopefully they'll add an update that will allow all of this to be done with the iPad.

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