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Perl bindings for Quartz?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by bobrik, Feb 10, 2009.

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    I have a Perl script that uses Perl bindings for Cairo and Gtk+, but I don't want to install that on my OS X machine, I would rather port it to Quartz (and the script is written modularly to be ported easily).

    I googled for using Quartz from Perl and came with nothing, but Quartz already has Python bindings (demonstrated by Apple on their dev site) - is there really no Perl binding for Quartz?

    Thanks for any answer.
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    Are you sure that the Python bindings are directly to Quartz? I thought they were bindings to Cocoa...

    If the latter is true then there are Perl bindings to Cocoa available. These should let you access Quartz via the normal Cocoa classes...
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    Well, I don't really know, I am referring to this: Python Bindings for Quartz 2D
    Thanks a lot for the link, I hope I will be able to cook it up, the only problem is I don't know Perl, but hopefully I will get through it :)
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    Hmm, OK those look like binding directly in CoreGraphics... Not sure if CamelBones will support that or not, it's not something I've ever actually used.

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