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Persistently getting "incorrect block count for file" error

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by reddevil0728, Jul 21, 2013.

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    Every time I empty my trash.

    Is it a sign that my HDD is dying?
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    Very possible.

    Try a command-r boot to the recovery console then run a repair disk with Disk Utility and see what you get.
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    it will repair just fine, but somehow every now and then when i delete some stuff it will happen again
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    What kind of message do you get when you repair it? After you repair, you are saying it goes away for a while, then comes back?

    Assuming you are not powering down while booted or something that would cause disk corruption, this sounds like a drive headed for a dirt nap. :(

    You might also try running the Apple Hardware Test and see if that turns up anything. It is possible a bad memory module could lead to disk corruption, although this is less likely than a bad drive.
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    They say repair is successful or complete (can't remb). After that I verify disk again and they say there's no error.

    The incorrect block count for file usually points towards a specific file. so example after i delete file A it gives me that problem, then probably a while later i delete file G it will give me the error. not always though.

    alright will give it a go.
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    Is there anyway to scan for bad sectors in the HDD?
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    I'm getting this a lot after using Photos for a while. I've been deleting quite a few unwanted images lately. I periodically run Disk Utility, and many image files are reported as having an invalid block size, with a recommendation to repair. I've repaired several times now, and each time the repair is successful. But I'm pretty sure that if I do some more deleting or reorganising in Photos, the problem will happen again. rMBP (using on-board flash drive).

    Any thoughts or recommendations?
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    Hmm... I don't know. Otherwise things work fine? No slowdowns or beachballs like you start to see when a drive is failing? So it is just some image files?
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    No, it's behaving quite normally in all other respects, a bit of a puzzler. The files in question always seem to be RAW images in the Photos library and, I suspect, ones that I have deleted. A bug in Photos, maybe.

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