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Philadelphia (King of Prussia Mall), PA

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by Illuminated, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Who's gonna be there for open?

    I know I am...:apple:
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    I'm there

    Can't help myself, have to be there and have to have one. Replacing my Kindle with color and real content.
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    Nice! What time you gonna be there? I"ll be there at open exactly...well I'll be there earlier waiting for the Plaza (i think, or maybe it's the courtyard), to open it's doors.
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    I'm there

    The mall is normally open earlier then the store to let people walk around for excursive.

    I'll be there at least 1/2 hr ahead of time. Need to play with my new toy as soon as possible. :) :apple:
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    I'll get there between 1-2 hours ahead of time. I won't be able to sleep the night before!
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    Wouldn't Suburban Square be just.. easier?
    I always find the KOP store staff to be less friendly and more crowded, no?
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    It's not as close to me. I don't mind the KOP Apple store. My friend works there so I'll be able to chill there for a bit.
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    This would be the store I'd be going to if I had known you could reserve for in-store pickup. I waited in line for the iPhone and the 3G, and I'd like to for the iPad, but the money has already been charged. Lame!

    Hope you guys have fun!
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    I'll actually be at the Best Buy in King Of Prussia. Debating what time I need to get there, I've camped out for other things in the past but not sure what it'd be like camping out for an apple product. Only reason i'm going with Best Buy is because I have over $300 in reward zone points I want to apply towards the purchase of the 64GB model.
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    $300 in reward points - Sweat

    Your more of a gadget hound then me. $300 in reward points, how many things did you need to buy for that. That is sweat though.
    I'm going for the 32GB model. Might kick myself later, but unless you put a lot of video content on it, don't see needing that much storage. My iPod is for music, this is my netbook in a way and all the freaking awesome apps that will be out for this format of a device. I already purchased a pogo stick to write on it in the new WritePad when it is released. Should be a great electronic notepad. That and have some buying my Kindle, expect this to be my new eBook reader and eMagazine reader. (The Kindle sucks at Magazines and newspapers.)

    Can't wait :D See you there Illuminated
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    I'm debating on what time I sould show up as accessories will be in short supply, I dont want any issues. The consensus seems to be 30-60 minutes. Any thoughts? Also which mall entrance is nearest to the Apple Store?
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    Let's just say i've been a silver premier member since they introduced it. I'm a gadget freak, but I also do alot of reselling. So I pick up alot of clearanced products or products bought with Reward Zone for resale. It adds up after a while.

    I'm hoping I can get my gaming magazines on it. I'd prefer much more to have a subscription for them for my iPad then to have the actual magazines clogging up the trash can after I get done reading them
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    The closest mall entrance for me is the one by Nieman Marcus (sp?)...there is a Citizens Bank to the left when you enter...then you go to the next atrium, take a left, down a ramp, and then the apple store is right after Starbucks, on the left.

    @Dmyers: What time you gonna be there, Dmyers? I'll get there super early...(530-6am?) and wait till they open the mall doors. Then wait outside of the A-store.

    Should be fun...might bring a folding chair, my iPod and speakers.
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    Do you have a reservation? Just curious as to why you're going so early if you already have a reservation, since I'm hoping Apple is right in saying you are guaranteed an ipad if you have a reservation and go between 9 and 3.
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    Well, first, I want a parking spot...you know how parking is, it's a royal pain in my keester. Secondly, I won't be able to sleep at all on Friday night, due to the excitement. I want to be the first to get the iPad too.
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    The guys at the Apple Store said to get there early

    Not that that means anything, but the guys/gals at the Apple store said to get there early. Yes, if you have a reservation, you are safe. I had to call the store because my email said Christiana Mall (the first place I reserved one) and not KoP (the place I moved it to).

    I expect teeshirts and a general party atmosphere. I did it for OSX 10.5 Launch and got a teeshirt. I'll be there at least and 1hr ahead of time and probably bringing the family with me. (If not then at least two hours of time. I'll have my MacBook Pro to stay busy with.)

    Then there is the Accessory issue. Early or no extras left. (My case was ordered online but has not shipped yet. Hummmm.)
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    I'm still thinking of getting a case or not. I might wait till Incase has a case out that I can get on Amazon for cheaper. Till then I'll use my Incase neoprene sleeve that I use for my macbook.

    I'm bringing my iPod to the launch with a speakers and rock out.
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    I'm planning on getting there between 730-8. Anybody know when the mall opens?

    Also, I'm hoping I can upgrade to the 32gb when I check out, but oh well.

    I'm a little nervous because I placed my reservation on the last day they were doing reserves... but I got my confirmation email and even a reminder email so I don't see why they'd tell me I'm not on..
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    Get some sleep my friends, it's almost time.

    Get some sleep my friends, it's almost time.:apple:

    I might try to go to a 64GB. We'll see.

    It's almost time.
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    Apps Yet?

    Anybody buy iPad apps yet? I have.
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    I have bought like 10 ipad apps...I can't wait. It's gonna be hard to sleep. Leaving the house at 4, stopping at WaWa on the way...

    I'm gonna take my camera and make a photo journal of the trip.
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    Illuminated, how far are you from the mall? I'm about 5 min. I'm thinking I'll be closer to the front of the line if I get there at 7. Any word on when the mall doors will be open?
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    I live about 20 minutes away. I have to stick to 202 the whole way. I heard they open the doors at about 8, but that's an everyday thing for the older people to get their exercise in. Maybe they'll open even earlier just for the Apple store?
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    seems possible, I should've called the store earlier, I'm sure they would've known. Well I'll probably see you tomorrow. I'll be wearing a red polo if you want to say hello :p
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    I'll probably yell out "Any MACRUMORS members here?!"...

    hahaha...I can barely sleep! :apple::apple:

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