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Philips Releases Open APIs and SDK for iOS Controlled Hue Lighting System

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 11, 2013.

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    TechCrunch reports that Philips has created an official developer program for its Wi-Fi connected Hue home lighting system, which includes an SDK for iOS and APIs to allow hardware and software developers to integrate Hue into their products.

    Hue, which is exclusive to iOS, allows users to control LED lightbulbs via the iPhone and an accompanying bridge that uses the ZigBee communication protocol.

    Though Hue-integrated third party apps such as last week's Ambify have been released, these solutions do not use official APIs. According to Yianni, the unavailability of official APIs is the main reason that the Hue has yet to be integrated into additional apps and connected home devices.

    The new Hue tools are freely available for all developers interested in creating a product or an app that connects to the system.

    Philips plans to add additional functionality to the Hue in the future, focusing on geofencing, scheduling, and other sensor capabilities. The company is also working on expanding the Hue line with new lightbulb types.

    Article Link: Philips Releases Open APIs and SDK for iOS Controlled Hue Lighting System
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    If these systems weren't set at fantasyland prices I'd have them all over my house and Philips would have a customer before other manufacturers jump in with thier offerings.
    As it is, I'm holding on to my money and Philips make nothing on me.
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    Who is Philip?
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    That's funny.
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    He's that jerk who makes typos in my posts, making me get out of bed at 1:18 AM to fix them.
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    Cool bulbs, I just miss the cyan tone, that they seem to be unable to build up (they produce a blueish white instead, and can't quite understand why, while I can live without the brown and black)...
  8. needfx, Mar 11, 2013
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    if & how fast the change from color to color is, these lamps should be interesting with films & home theaters; depending on the scene's color scheme, they could change to match. of course this would mean that a database of films should exist with matching color information

    feel free to whatever me

    I just read about ambify so I am not on the fringe side
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    Awesome I can't wait to... oh wait, I live in Australia. Never mind.
  10. The Mercurian, Mar 11, 2013
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    Films ?? Screw that - I want to play Halo with these things controlled by the xbox and hooked into the colour of weapons being fired :D

    Edit: Anyone with the technical know how to code this please feel free to rip off this idea and make it work. I ask only for a message to say when it is available and a free copy :)
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    great idea!! even better!
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    It's just a shame they don't fit standard UK light fittings
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    These are mains-powered bulbs. I'm not sure how easy it would be to convert them to a mobile battery-powered installation.

    Oh wait, the geofencing is for the ios / android app, not the bulb! Whoops.

    Nevermind, I shall use this in my husband-detect-o-prox-o-tron. Scenario: we are merrily swiving away at home, husband approaches within 1 mile, Find-my-friends alert goes off, Philips Hue bulb above bed starts flashing blue and red, time to deploy pants and exunt.
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    haha seriously, didn't even know that :D
    UK is fascinating^^
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    Yes they do. Most UK shops sell both bayonet and screw-in bulbs. I have both in my house (unfortunately).

    Ps, one advantage of being in the UK is you can use 'pants' in the UK sense and have it read in the much tamer USA sense by the mods here :)
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    I have 8 bulbs through out my house. Cost is relative.
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    More and more UK fittings are screw fit these days. You can thank Ikea for that.
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    How do you like em? Am thinking about making the leap...

    What would be cool is if the API could be used by apps like DJ or even iTunes and the bulbs could be programmed to fire according to beats and change hues at the same time -- can thru already do that - dunno
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    I love my Hue setup, but firmware or software still seems beta to me. There could be huge improvements made to the app and I'm not sure how much of the issues are app vs firmware on hardware itself.
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    Hence he said "I'd have them," not 'Everyone would have them.'
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    Then let me put it another way. "Fantasyland pricing" is relative to what you find to be good value for the money. First of all, they're led lights, which are not only expensive, but last upwards of 20 years. Second, they're network connected. Third, they are a fully integrated, holistic system. Nobody else has "undercut" them yet.

    When they were announced (the only place I saw any press on them was Macrumors and 9to5 Mac) they flew off the shelves. I had to drive to three different Apple stores in two days to be able to find a system and three additional bulbs. And every other store I called said they were selling out as fast as they could get them in. So I'd say that there is a market for them.
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    I love reading about the Hue, until I remember I can't buy it here in Australia yet again!

    Would happily purchase a few :(
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    These lights work fine in the UK, just google b22 to e27 adapter. And as also noted in other post you can get both pendant and lamps with screw caps in the UK.
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    I have 6, and really like them as well. mainly in my basement rec room where i have 4 of them, and on one side i like watching a movie in the dim light, and on the other, my son needs light so he can play with his toys.

    with these, you can dim them independently which creates a nice look.

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